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Jun 20, 2014 Brrrrzap! commented on The True Story of Bess.
First time I can ever recall walking out on a production like this before it ended. Stampley aside, a lot of it felt like a combination of a poorly executed 1933 movie and a high school play. My partner agreed. We lasted though most of it, but finally just had to split. We couldn't in good conscience stick around while a typically acquiescing Seattle crowd gave it the obligatory standing ovation.
Jun 20, 2014 Brrrrzap! commented on Why Is Council President Tim Burgess Blocking Campaign Finance Reform?.
Burgess is a complete hack. Always was, always will be.

O'Brien is like that old line about Montana: "There's no there there." Half the time he looks and acts like he's loaded, but you can't have substance abuse where there's no substance.
Jun 20, 2014 Brrrrzap! commented on Who to Blame for Bertha.
@55: The Times inadvertently named it back on February 7th, when their headline read, "Bad news: Bertha is damaged." Of course, their punctuation was wrong. Remove the colon.

Unfortunately, Bad News Bertha continues to gives us a colonoscopy we never ordered or quite agreed to.

To everyone who rammed this terminally broken pipe cleaner up our collective ass: I TOLD YOU SO!
Dec 12, 2012 Brrrrzap! commented on Now Closed.
So the co-opting of Fremont is now complete. Anyone know if Chase will have a bike-up window?
Dec 4, 2012 Brrrrzap! commented on Richard Conlin Loves Skyscrapers in SLU.
Conlin is a smug, simpering, duplicitous sack of crap, bought and paid for by Vulcan, amazon and the various developers in this berg. You don't seriously think he lives anywhere near the multiple piles of over-built civic dreck he keeps pushing down everyone's throat, right? Nope, he has a nice, single family home in a real neighborhood where NO density of any sort is even on the drawing boards, let alone under construction. Lead by example? Not this twerp. Do as I say, not as I do? Sounds like the Conlin motto alright.

Call me when he proposes "density" and high-rises on the corner of 34th & E. Cherry.
Nov 29, 2012 Brrrrzap! commented on Tim Burgess Is Running for Mayor.
Burgess is an opportunistic hack.

Before he was on the Council he was a "political advisor" hack to other political hacks. Before that he was an undistinguished hack of a cop. In his time on the Council he's hacked his way to the undigestible center of a pack of useless tools, all of whom gleefully bend over for every fat cat developer with a campaign contribution.

Nothing's changed, except that now Burgess is an even more self-important, substantially overpaid ($117,000/yr), transparent blowhard of a hack. He's refined the process to the point of being a Master Professional Hack.

Not all of McSchwinn's buffoonery will change that. If Burgess had any real balls he'd do the rest of us a huge favor and resign! And if the Stranger had any it would take its lips off his dick.
Nov 7, 2012 Brrrrzap! commented on Time to Get Real, Jay Inslee.
My worst nightmare: That Gov.-elect Jay-Dawgg (that's right, Jay, you've got to bury your Cougar past) will become BFFs with ant-pot idiot re-elect Brad Owen. How does THAT guy still have a job?
Aug 22, 2012 Brrrrzap! commented on The Most Disturbing Thing About the Case Against Bradley Manning.
Thanks, you guys. Nice to know in your eyes the indiscriminate strafing and murder of innocent civilians and journalists by our military is an excusable offense, but disclosing it merits inexcusable over-reaction. Which, of course, is also excused.
Jun 13, 2012 Brrrrzap! commented on Not Necessarily the Best or the Brightest—but Definitely the Richest.
Here's my idea to jerk this bunch back to reality: An initiative to the voters to roll back City Council pay and perks to 1995 levels. That's the last time their pay reflected pretty much what the rest of the city's wage earners took home. (The median 2011 Seattle income dropped to $49,000.)

These clowns pull down $117,000 a year, plus perks and parking privileges. (No $4 an hour meters for them.) "Representatives" whose incomes are more than double that of the people they purportedly represent cannot possibly have a clue what their constituents' economic realities are like, let alone in the worst depression in 80 years. If they had to live on what the rest of us do, they might change their tune. Or better yet, leave public service.'s called public SERVICE, not public trough-feeding or public gouging.

According to Wikipedia:…

"The Seattle City Council is the second highest paid in the country. As of September 28, 2010, council members Bagshaw, Conlin, Licata and O'Brien earn $117,533.52; council members Godden, Harrell, Burgess, Clark and Rasmussen earn $113,587.20. These figures represent increases from $94,000 in November 2005, and $104,000 for members elected November 8, 2005. In 1995, all council members were paid $71,000.

"The current top rate represents a 65.5% pay increase over 1995. Among the nation's 40 largest cities, only Los Angeles pays its council more (Seattle Times). Seattle ranks 23rd in population, according to the Census Bureau."

So you tell me...has your income gone up 65% since 1995? Or even 25% since 2005? Are you better off now than your City Council member has become in the last six years? Do you really think any of these bums are worth what we're paying them?