Apr 16, 2014 34x42 commented on Capitol Hill Block Party Headliners Announced!.
this thing is like an ex girlfriend that visits once a year, and just reminds you how things can go from carefree and positive to an old memory that in no way resembles current reality, and illustrates the slow decay of things.
Apr 10, 2014 34x42 commented on The Actual Economics of Cities Raising the Minimum Wage For Every Employee, Tipped and Untipped (Spoiler Alert: Things Turn Out Fine).

at a recent meeting in elliot bay's basement about this issue, i was having a hard time wrapping my head around the stranger's stance on this. when i worked there, the art director made $15.00 an hour, which is rather absurd. though most people around me were making much less than they were worth as well. so i guess i just don't understand why this stance is being taken by a paper produced by underpaid good people, many of whom i know.

then i was told something that really caught me off guard, and i do not know if it's true, but would really like you to confirm if it is or not. what i was told is that the designers upstairs are to be changed from staff to contractors status. this would of course have a large impact on health coverage, sense of job security, general morale, etc.....

could you please confirm or deny if that is happening?

thank you.
Nov 20, 2013 34x42 commented on Good-Bye, Seattle.
your depression article was one of the better anecdotal pieces i've seen printed in the stranger, in my 11 years here.

i've enjoyed agreeing with you on jawbreaker and hot water music, and disagreeing with you on against me!'s evolution and the red hot chili peppers.

i never got to know you when i worked upstairs at the paper, but i appreciated your work. best of luck down south.
Jun 5, 2013 34x42 commented on Street Harassment.
tbh, ~90% of the women i see while out in the world are not attractive.

so the point about all women walking around with a million dollars is bullshit. most have enough for rent and bills that month, and are maybe socking away a bit at a time for a vacation they'd like to take. kinda like most everyone else.

and the ten percent i do find to be attractive? i treat them like i treat any other person i come in contact with randomly, and that is with respect and tact. i don't participate in any of the depicted scenarios. i think men who do are shitheads.

really though, shouldn't this weak attempt at an article be on jezebel, as they kinda have the market cornered in regard to hyperbole fueled drivel.

i'm guessing this post will be written of as having been written by some mysoganisyic rape apologist, who hates women and thinks he's the shit while stumbling blindly through social discourse and doesn't have many smart and talented female friends who make many excellent points regarding this topic that i consider just as valid as any man's. but, youd be wrong. mostly i just have a low patince threshhold for bullshit.
Jan 28, 2013 34x42 commented on Gunman Opens Fire Inside the Twilight Exit.
the first place i lived in seattle, when i moved here ten years ago, was the red brick apt building directly across the street from what is now the twilight exit. at that time it was the la louisiana restaurant, but the same tana market was next door. almost exactly ten years ago to the day, from the bathroom window of my place, while in the shower, i saw a man shoot another man 5 times and kill him outside the market, after hearing what was unmistakably gunshots. i watched the man begin to jog away, then stop and turn around to make sure the victim hadn't moved, before continuing to flee the scene. this was the first time i had ever seen a man die in front of my eyes from a violent assault. the police were fairly slow to show up, eventually i watched a placid cop use an orange snow shovel to scrape up some of the congealed blood after the body had been removed from the sidewalk. that night on the 11pm king5 news, there was a 2 second mention of the event, without images/video/interviews/etc., followed by a story about a little girl on the east side who had almost gotten frostbite that was a few minutes long. a little shrine was set up outside the store with flowers and candles and lots of malt liquor. later that night i watched as a couple dudes collected all the beer, and headed off with it to drink, presumably.

the following weeks were full of gunfire in the area, and it just felt really tense. i was happy to move out of that spot the following summer.

this is sad.
Jan 16, 2013 34x42 commented on "Oregon Man Allegedly Tattooed His Name Near Underage Girl's Vagina"?!?.
maybe he'll wise up and do it inside the vagina next time
Jan 16, 2013 34x42 commented on Truth in Politics.
they also misspelled diversity
Jan 14, 2013 34x42 commented on Mars Hill Church: Now Conveniently Closer to All the AIDS.
how can potential members pray the gay away if they aren't allowed into the fold?
Jan 14, 2013 34x42 commented on Mars Hill Church: Now Conveniently Closer to All the AIDS.
aids? in my capitol hill?
Jan 8, 2013 34x42 commented on When Hippies Attack.
harsh tokes