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Apr 23, 2014 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
So I had a friends-with-benefits relationship with an attractive 30something woman who had a major alcoholism problem. I first went out with her a couple of times thinking we might start a romantic relationship -- but once I saw how seriously bad her drinking problem was I no longer viewed her a girlfriend material. Thing was she'd call me when she was really wasted and we'd hang out. I'd wind up pulling her breasts out and touching her everywhere. Usually I'd finish with her sucking me, sometimes as she'd fade in and out of awareness as all this occurred.

It was somewhat disgusted with myself for how much this aroused me and I usually felt guilty afterwards. We did remain friends however and I repeatedly urged her to get some help, to attend AA, to deal with it. She finally did get sober and I am hoping it lasts. She looked so great the last time I saw her, truly radiant.

She never calls me when she's not drunk!

Guess I'm going to hell.
Feb 7, 2013 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
@8 + @59

The idea that fellatio automatically denies men of
control in the act is ridiculous. Get on your fav porn site and search 'throat fucking' or something like that and you will see extremes on the male control motif.

Being an active suckee for a man does raise issues of dominance and submission and it's not all men or women that are comfortable with those. I agree with @59 that thrusting may make a difference. Try having her lay on her back and use a vibrator on herself as you control the oral.

There's even an obscure Latin word for it: irrumatio
Jan 20, 2013 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
For Nancy: How about a Hitachi Magic Wand? (Google Betty Dodson) This is a cool, industrial strength vibrator that you can use to give massages, and that also works super great for getting females off. I own one and I love, for instance, having sex rear entry while my partner holds the wand against herself and comes. Another activity I enjoy a lot is when my lover gives me a blow job as she uses the wand to stimulate herself so she cums while sucking my cock.That usually puts me over the edge. I think most guys love seeing their woman have an orgasm and this device makes for more of them and can add them to a variety of situations. Costs about $45 on ebay. Could get some bondage stuff as well if she's determined to spend the whole $100.
Dec 22, 2012 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
#72 Creepy Spam Alert
Nov 29, 2012 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
I am a guy who owns a Hitachi magic wand. I really love using it on women I have sex with. For a couple of them this was a new experience -- which each came to enjoy intensely. I assiduously wash it up with soap and hot water between women (and, of late, carefully age it as well --sigh). I use the same penis, same tongue, same hands with each new woman, I don't see the problem with introducing this well-loved (and cleaned) appliance (although I have gotten an 'ewww who's used that!?' response before).

Same with the restraints and whips.

I tend to click with women who like yard sales, antique auctions and clothes from the Sally so maybe used gear is a good compatibility indicator.

Am I weird? I guess but our throw-away culture is not normal.

I like Mr S products myself but of course a guy who sells bondage gear is going to suggest replacing all items frequently.
Oct 16, 2012 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
You were fooling about the fake pregnancy bit, RIGHT DAN?!

I am generally impressed with your ability, as a gay male, to advise females. Not this time!

Sep 19, 2012 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
RE: Doggy Style. I am a male who never got into that position until quite recently. I have had some long-term difficulties with maintaining erection (now use V) and doggy was difficult for me to sustain. The last woman I dated far preferred doggy to other options, (she usually would use a vibrator on her clit while I fucked her). Over time, I grew to really love that position. The fact that I am not making eye contact or seeing the face of my lover seems to free my mind to imagine an archetype of Woman rather than (as intensely) the specific woman I am with. I like a plump female ass, I like watching the flesh ripple as my hips make contact with it, I like backs and napes of necks and...sex is an activity I would hate to imbue with real time politics. I like having a woman sit on my face as well; I don't interpret that as being demeaned by her in any way because I am beneath her. It feels like, the bjs too soon girl put it, pussy worship and at its best, quite arousing.

People seem to have their likes and dislikes, sex takes some communication and compromise at times. If after awhile your needs and her desires don't match up, and visa-verso,or if bodily positions have become the semiotics for gender or political statements, perhaps it's time to search out a new partner.
Jun 4, 2012 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
VCARD -- As a former bar owner I can assure you that all you have to do is find a watering hole that you like and sit there drinking for awhile. You will find a man who will have sex with you soon enough. Probably more than one so you can pick the person you find most amusing, attractive, sane-seeming etc. You don't have to be outgoing, charming, lovely, etc you only need to have a pussy.

#204 Appreciate your recommendation of craigslist combined with the photo of Charlie Manson creeperific!
Dec 7, 2011 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
#3: When you write a comment every week and list a link to your blog, when you make sure you are one of the first people to write a comment every week so you can list a link to your blog; that is SPAM.
Sep 26, 2011 EastCoastDude commented on Savage Love.
I like reading True Crime stories. Does that mean I want to become a serial killer? I can't stand snoops, DAD. Checking the history on a computer that is not yours is snooping. I doubt it just 'came up' as you put it. If you do tell your friends and family that you were snooping on your father's computer, and have decided to sever your relationship and 'out' him based on that, I think you will be the one who comes off as the creep. Go to your new job in another country, and hope that you grow up while you are there.