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Mar 22, 2011 heythere commented on How Did That Bit About Reaping And Sowing Go Again?.
So now he's reaping what he sowed. But he won't see his own hand in all this and will blame the gays for screwing up his life ... further proof for him that their very existence is the problem.
Mar 1, 2011 heythere commented on Anybody Wanna Watch Mike Huckabee Blow a Three-Day Load All Over His Wife's Face?.
No doubt about it. Huckabee's gay. The most vocal homophobes are always the most closeted.
Dec 3, 2010 heythere commented on Dear Democrats....
Amen Dan. Keep telling em.
Dec 2, 2010 heythere commented on Required Reading: Andrew Sullivan On the Smithsonian's Cowardice and Bill Donohue's Hatred.
The world's gone mad. NPR gives coverage to Christian bigots because ..... why, because God is on their side? Where's the coverage of people speaking against Christian bigotry? Where's coverage for the separation of church and state? Oh, I forgot, can't be against Christians because God's on their side.
Oct 26, 2010 heythere commented on The Lamb That Roared.
I love this guy! And you too Dan -

Why don't you give us a heads-up on your cable/news appearances?
Oct 12, 2010 heythere commented on When Will We Reach The Tipping Point?.
Dan, you were articulate as always.

What type of class are you taking? You've mentioned it before and now I'm curious ???
Oct 7, 2010 heythere commented on It Gets Worse.
Happy Birthday to you Dan! Love you lots!
Oct 6, 2010 heythere commented on If you're in Chicago Thursday night.
I thought Dan was scheduled for November 12th?

And how can I find out when he'll be on a news program?
Sep 6, 2010 heythere commented on Maybe It's Time To Dissolve The People....
Sep 5, 2010 heythere commented on John Cole Is Mad As Hell And He's Not Going To Take It Anymore.
Already took this vow and have sometimes alienated acquaintances, but if they're free to spout off idiotically then I'm free to counter. To sit silently is like absorbing poison - must spit it out.