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Dec 2 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: His Pace, His Rules, His BS.
What's My Next Move?

Get a clue.

This guy is a real piece of work. It is all about YOUR issues, not his? he is so perfect? What a shit! DTMFA and get a better boyfriend.
Dec 2 BG commented on Hey, Straight Men! Stop Having Gay Sex with Your Wives and Girlfriends!.
Does that mean teenagers who sign abstinence pledges are gay?

Many teens who sign abstinence pledges have UNPROTECTED anal sex with their girlfriends, so their girlfriends will still be virgins when they marry. So, they must all be gay, then.
Nov 28 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Care Package.
"I don't feel bad for sending you this essay. I've read tens of thousands of words, Dan, you can read a fraction of that amount of mine. " This guy has issues and manners are only one of them.
Nov 19 BG commented on Is Viagra for Women a Sham?.
There's no Spanish fly in the wings--great pun! But that is been a problem for a LONG time: men stormed the Pharmacies getting Viagra then didn't refill the prescriptions because they STIL weren't getting any. Women ARE bored, bored with men that won't help around the house, bored with doing all the work (and working outside too), bored with inept lovers, bored with empty lives where men get all the credit. No drug will help solve that issue!
Nov 17 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: Ex-Primary Screwing Up Next Primary.
@10 well said! I think Dan muffed it also: this woman was abusive and repeatedly sucked him in. Find a new crowd rather than try to make nice to a controlling bitch.
Nov 6 BG commented on Should the Duggar Girls #FuckFirst?.
I am surprised they managed to figure out HOW to have 19 children. With NO sex ed and no experience how to begin?
Nov 5 BG commented on Should the Duggar Girls #FuckFirst?.
A well written and well reasoned article. People watch them on TV because it is so very freakish: to be so very controlling that you won't let your children hold hands before marriage. Dan is right: if this were a Muslim family who also likes to control their women we would all be freaking out on how evil they and their religion are. But because they are CHRISTIAN, it is extreme and freakish but not evil. Really?
Nov 3 BG commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Butt Plug Blooms in Pennsylvania, Readers Respond to Jonathan, Jonathan Responds to Readers.
Very good @5! I just bet the idea never crossed his boys mind! Wait until one of his grandkids is gay (odds are that it will happen in one generation or another) and then let him say what he said to Dan. What an idiot and a hypocrite to boot.

"I prefer a diverse world," really? But only if it isn't in my family. The snickers rise. If not his son, I wonder what his daughter uses for her dildo?
Oct 29 BG commented on Savage Love.
I wish at some point Dan would write more about Closure. So many people feel it is something we FIND--outside of us-- instead of something we DO--inside of us--by forgiving ourselves for being involved with a bad person. Only then can we move on.
Oct 23 BG commented on Awful Person Defaces National Parks With Terrible Paintings.
Even if she was a GOOD artist, this is not the place for it. Now she wants to paint Gravestones? without permission? how dare she.

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