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9:20 AM JonnoN commented on Ted Cruz's Youth Pastor Watch.
@3 now and forever, the world's lamest troll.
Apr 28 JonnoN commented on Morning News: Economy Not Growing Fast Enough, Mayor Murray Hates Bikes, Boehner Calls Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh".
@6 you think an imaginary list of problems in Seattle is affecting the national GDP? You're even dumber than I originally imagined.
Apr 27 JonnoN commented on Why Are People Still Claiming That Pot Is a Gateway Drug?.
@8 pardon me if I don't take your word for it.
Apr 23 JonnoN commented on Donald Trump Is Reportedly Coming to Washington on May 7.
@4 unless any trump supporters show up.
Apr 22 JonnoN commented on The Morning News: Concerns About Lead in Seattle Water Pipes, Shop Owners Worry Viaduct Will Collapse on Them.
@1 I heard two things:
the problem is from galvanized steel goosenecks, which can trap lead in their corrosion, and release it if there's a big pressure spike.
these same goosenecks (what a stupid name) have lead connectors on the ends.

Either way, I've lived around here all my life, wasting a bunch of water for a few days won't change anything. If I'm full of lead, I'm already full of lead.
Apr 19 JonnoN commented on How to Get Light Rail to Ballard Faster.
@1 sound Transit and Metro are not the same thing.
Apr 19 JonnoN commented on The Morning News: More Warm Weather, an Update on Ingrid Lyne, and a New Hanford Leak.
@11 your condescension doesn't make you look any less stupid.