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May 16, 2012 Cherry Pirate commented on Romney Reaches Out to Hispanic Voters.
Where do we sign up for this Biden fundraiser?
Dec 5, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on Savage Love.
BALLS made me well up , actually. I was an exchristian for years, but I never really got out from those views on sexuality, even though I thought I had, until I found your column. Now? Well now my g/f pegs like a master amongst several other things.
Sep 18, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on Eating Pussy Harder than Sucking Cock.
I'm a biguy. As soon as I read that comment this week, I thought exactly what the guy up there thought. You need physio after eating pussy, not that it's not fun. A dick is much simpler.
Aug 11, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on Up With Corporations!.
The problem is you loan a spot in your country to a business so they can make it profitable. And they do that, maybe even better than a government can. But the only power you then have over that result is taxes. You are progressively devaluing your land in the public sense if you don't tax high enough. The response here is what romney's saying, and that is "we skip the government middle man and let people have those profits". The problem is that he's enthymatically supposing that a person with money will want to continue to invest in the place he made money. BUt of course, that only happens sometimes, and lately, less and less. What actually happens is they take the money they would have otherwise given to the state through taxes to foreign investment. Then the profit they pull there (over and above taxes and operating costs) stagnates in their banks (i.e., it's value taken out of circulation and stagnates as an insurance policy for the individual).
We essentially sell off the full value of our land at a loss and that money is scattered out somewhere that does not improve our conditions, or stagnates in a bank. These men are not politicians interested in the strength of the state, they are businessmen with an eye to their futures.
Jun 29, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on President Asked About New York and Marriage Equality at Press Conference.
@23 Largely, I agree, and I think I noted that. But political matters are won in the peculiar margins. If you win one or two conservatives who ultimately can't stomach legislating against state's rights then that's a success you wouldn't get any other way. And given that not a single one of them is going to be swayed by the more rational rawlsian argument that subcultures whose activities reside almost exclusively in the private realm do not harm the health of a state, it's better to work at the soft spots in the fringe.

However, it's hard to say you don't have a point since Ronny "fuck the fed" Paul still managed to twist his bullshit libertarianism into a support for DOMA and constantly tiptoes around the marriage issue with bizarre shifting arguments. If you can't capture that fringe state-boy, maybe you can't win any. But then we weren't wining any anyways, so I still think Obama was saavy to give it a shot.
Jun 29, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on Bisexuals.
I will never tell my family I'm Bi. Some friends know, and especially my 6.5 year g/f knows. But it nearly came up at a particularly accepting workplace a few times. Each time it does, I can't help but think it's better not to set myself up for that endless conversation and suspicion about how gay or straight you really are. And while there is the difficulty of being gay and judged immoral, there's the peculiar difficulty in bringing up bisexuality in that there doesn't seem to be any confirming quality associated with it other than drunk college girls who do it for attention. And if you end up with a partner from the substantially larger hetero end of the scale, then you're not helping yourself any. At some point, people will indirectly try to coax some kind of proof, which leads to the problem that, short of laying out uncomfortably personal elements of your life, none exists. Even if you do manage to give a porn history or detail past sexual encounters or whatever, there's a large portion of the population who thinks that bisexuals are just horny people or some equivalent to sexual act BPD patients where fucking replaces razors (my mother amongst them). In the LGBT community, there's the other extreme where they think you are just gay because your transition period muddled the already murky pool of young Bis.

So if you come out, you can't prove it. If you can prove it, people think it's something else. And if you surmount both those hurdles, all that pain and suffering doesn't really change anything anyways because there's no obvious political issue associated with bi-sexuality
Jun 29, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on President Asked About New York and Marriage Equality at Press Conference.
The problem lies with Obama, not Dan, here. There are two qualities you need from a political player: effective strategic foresight and brilliant rhetorical charisma. The problem with political strategy is it's not charming, it's often a long con game heavily dictated by insider gossip and knowledge we don't know. The NYT article Dan recently posted on Cuomo really lays out that fact.

Obama is a very good strategist. I have to agree that the state's rights thing is an effective way to burn down DOMA. It's effective because it's got legal backing, which despite our wants for the warm fuzzies to move history, money and precedent move history. It's dually effective because the issue of state vs. federal rights is something that actually shakes up the republican roll call a bit. As noted above, michele bachmann and Obama have the same stance. And despite that being slight to some, it's actually a strong point for Obama. It's the best shot he had at gaining bi-partisan support. Also, in the re-election race, their support of DOMA but supposed endorsement of state's rights is a strong point against them since it shows that, under the right conditions, they will disregard that principle making them seem flakey. Any political leverage is good to have for the fence riders that often sway elections on points like that.

But my point was that Obama is at fault, not Dan. Not because Dan is right, but rather because Obama is not being the charismatic voice he was at the beginning. These strategies underlie basically every great change in policy over the years. The duty of a leader is to try and keep those uncertain mid-stages of a political battle out of the public eye and keep the heart of the public. Once Obama gave up the media spotlight, it got filled by every right wing schmuck with a buck. Bill Clinton came out with saxophones and witty retorts, Bush kept the discourse with his base by giving comforting but essentially unrelated proverbs and Reagan popped up every two months with a grizzled noble face in front of a flapping flag. That Obama is not keeping people like Dan somewhat ignorant and charmed until this war can play itself out, is a failing of Obama. At the moment he looks like a flip-flopper. Flip-flopping is a key stage in a long con, but you have to be able to keep people's eyes off it on both sides and dominate the discourse. Hopefully the charming Obama that ran last time will show up again with some soothing warm fuzzy rhetoric so we can get some calmed nerves for the notoriously short-sighted public in the midst of a long con.
Jun 22, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on My Flame Is Dim?.
I am at least the second bi-guy to score a 32. Hence, I propose it is the bi-score based on this ample evidence.
May 26, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on Savage Love.
For what it's worth, BC's party names are a bit misleading. Our BC liberals are really what you might consider conservative and our BC conservative party has about as much popularity as the marxist and marijuana party. It's a fringe group.
May 13, 2011 Cherry Pirate commented on Rand Paul Says Universal Health Care Is Slavery.
Well, he is a libertarian. Libertarians think any property owned is an extension of the self and therefore any property non-consensually transacted is the equivalent of forcing a part of a person to do something against their will. So, taxes and really any government activity concerning private property beyond defense of those property rights is slavery. I don't agree but I think the argument isn't that far off a lot of people's ideas about their property.