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Feb 18, 2011 ScaryMara commented on Amtrak (Allegedly) Hates The Stranger.
I teach at a high school, SLOG (and Jezebel and Racialicious) is blocked on their wi-fi.
Feb 11, 2011 ScaryMara commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Fuck Yeah, Lindy! You fucking ROCK! Thank you for writing this. I'm going to print it out and tape it to my mirror.

PS- I kinda want to be your intern. Next year, when I move to Seattle, I'm going to camp outside The Stranger office and build myself a fucking willow cabin if that is what it takes.
Dec 28, 2010 ScaryMara commented on The Classical Tradition Is Huge and Awesome.

That would have been SO helpful last year.

I think I'm buying myself this as a late Christmas present.
Dec 22, 2010 ScaryMara commented on Kids Assassinate the Darndest Things!.

Of course.

Did you see a consensual, adult, pleasurable sexual experience? Thats the only thing that counts for an R or an NC-17.

Any amount of violence, sexual or otherwise is acceptable. But a woman enjoying herself? That is something we all need to be protected from.
Dec 13, 2010 ScaryMara commented on Glee's Brittany the Next Buffy?!? WHAT?.
Um, what? She's beautiful, and not in that hokum "on the inside" kind of way. I seriously don't get this.
Nov 26, 2010 ScaryMara commented on A Morning-After Pill for Bad Memories.
My first thought was that it would become part of the standard cocktail for rape victims. (Along with antiretrovirals, plan b and antibiotics)

Not sure how I feel about that.

I realize that is probably not how it works, that it isn't really a "pill" (yet or ever) but still. Any and all of the implications of this drug/process are disturbing.
Nov 23, 2010 ScaryMara commented on What Lunch-Money-Stealing Punks Do Later in Life.
What did the intern do to deserve such ire? Other than be a mediocre writer?
Nov 11, 2010 ScaryMara commented on SL Letter of the Day: Why Don't You Do It In the Road....
@3 I see what you did there. "Coming" Very clever, sir.

Also there is always the two blanket trick. One for the ground, one for on top of you while you "snuggle" in the park. Works best in the spooning position.
Oct 22, 2010 ScaryMara commented on Texas High School Kicks Cheerleader Off Squad For Refusing To Cheer For Her Rapist.
Victim Blaming: America's National Sport
Oct 15, 2010 ScaryMara commented on Another Heartwarming Story.
@11 A Transvestite is someone who identifies with their birth gender, but chooses to (sometimes, all the time, most of the time) dress like the "opposite" gender. It's a form of gender expression and as far as I can tell, people who cross dress are not more or less likely to be Transgendered.

A Transgendered person is a person who does not identity with their birth gender. They may elect to have surgery or hormones, but many do not for medical reasons. Penises are expensive and don't always work well when you build them from scratch, for example.