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Jun 23, 2013 Helenzor commented on Savage Love.
Boo, this thread started so well with hot (in my head, at least) adventuring wheelchair guy.

Pedants everywhere!
Mar 6, 2013 Helenzor commented on SL Letter of the Day: You've Been Dumped, Dude.
@23 lol okay. I'm not saying there aren't women with low libidos out there but trust me, there are lots of men with the same.

Quickly waning interest is not a sign of asexuality. It is, to borrow a phrase from popular culture in the last decade, a sign that she's just not that into you.

Don't take it personally, I'm sure you are /just/ delightful.
Aug 24, 2012 Helenzor commented on SL Letter of the Day: Less Face and More Fuck.
@12 what rubbish. My own set of anecdata suggests rather the opposite. Often women don't talk about it openly - a man can joke about not getting enough from his missus but the other way round is seen as humiliating for both partners. Man isn't manly enough, woman isn't sexy enough to get man to fuck her. Innit.
Apr 18, 2012 Helenzor commented on Savage Love.
So. Fucking. Hot.
Apr 19, 2010 Helenzor joined My Stranger Face
Apr 19, 2010 Helenzor commented on Rainbows Are Possible.
L. O. L.

Seriously, hilarious.