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Jan 29, 2015 BobSF_94117 commented on This Morning's Best Long Read: Jonathan Chait On the Return of Political Correctness and the Online Swarm of Illiberal Liberals.
What we're going through -- the part that makes it obnoxious, unfair, and stupid -- isn't about liberalism or illiberalism. It's about the culture adjusting to "social media".
Oct 22, 2014 BobSF_94117 commented on Raising Awareness of "Lopsided" Bisexuality During Bisexuality Visibility Week.
Oddly enough, hardly anyone speaks about what many heterosexual men are. They "love" women and want to have sex with women while utterly disregarding women as thinking human beings. The only meaningful intellectual relationships are with other men and their deep feelings of loyalty and bro-hood often surpass those they feel for women, and this often includes their own wives. Surely there ought to be a term for that. Besides douchebag, I mean.
Mar 3, 2014 BobSF_94117 commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
Andrew Sullivan needs to live in a small MS or AL town for a couple years. The bigger cities have progressed enough that he won't be as miserable as he deserves to be for suggesting that it's simple to just pick another business establishment.
Jan 28, 2014 BobSF_94117 commented on To Queers Bitching About Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
I whole lot happened between gays "bitching" about Coors beer being anti-gay and gays "bitching" about corporate sponsorship at Pride. Rather un-Dan-like to ignore facts like that.

Oh, and the Coors family is STILL a big funder of anti-gay legislative activity.
Nov 7, 2012 BobSF_94117 commented on NOM's Sad Silver Lining.
"Comparing NOM to the KKK is as reckless..."

Nonsense. It has been decades since the KKK lynched anyone. They focus on political campaigns and "public debate" and do so a heck of a lot less than NOM and in much less offensive terms.
Oct 23, 2012 BobSF_94117 commented on Final Obama/Romney Debate Caption Contest.
When we agreed to give up polygamy, this is what we got in return.
Sep 10, 2012 BobSF_94117 commented on College Football Player Kicked Off Team After He Outs Himself During a Game.
Everyone knows that the only acceptable relationship between someone 65 and someone 18 is a rich older man and a FEMALE debutant.

It's tradition.

It's also hypocrisy...
May 31, 2012 BobSF_94117 commented on Federal Appeals Court Declares Huge—and Hugely Damaging—Chunk of DOMA to be Unconstitutional.
My fantasy is:

1) SCOTUS rules Section 3 is unconstitutional

2) Federal govt starts recognizing our rights

3) Southern states refuse to do so

4) Military notices Southern states dishonoring and discriminating against married gay service members

5) Military packs up its bases and moves them to gay-friendly states, reversing decades of subsidizing redneck states with blue-state dollars

6) ...

7) ...

8) Southern states succeed

9) The rest of the states let them

10) ...

11) ...

12) Final faint transmission received over CB radio from Kudzustan. Something about zombies....
May 9, 2012 BobSF_94117 commented on Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage.
You're not being Debbie Downer. You're just being stupid.

YOU ARE MARRIED. The President has long supported YOU getting equal rights.

If a couple is in a civil union, the President has long supported them getting right EQUAL to marriage.

If a couple is stupid enough to move to NC, the President still supports their getting EQUAL FEDERAL RIGHTS.

He's a president, not a king.
Feb 19, 2012 BobSF_94117 commented on Conservative GOP Arizona Sheriff—and Mitt Romney AZ Campaign Co-Chair—Pledges to Deport Illegal Immigrants.
"Leave me alone" is a forceful defense of gay rights... from 1975