Jun 29, 2011 IowaIan commented on President Asked About New York and Marriage Equality at Press Conference.
Well leaving it up to the states is the only reason gay marriage has gotten so far as it has. You could draw parallels with the women vote; it was for the best that states could decide without waiting for the whole country.

the fact of the matter is that being against DOMA is the only thing we need from the US president.

...but thats all politics and such. Women didn't get the right to vote by being laid back about it.
Jun 22, 2011 IowaIan commented on Tim Minchin Doesn't Perform "Do Not Feed Donuts To Your Obese Children" Anymore.
@9 queer is totally PC. I mean they even use it in the name of university classes.

and "deafie" is totally new to me. maybe you should keep these terms to yourself if you don't like folks using them lol.

TM not understanding the n-word seems quite legit to me. I've known foreigners who know its a cuss word but don't really grok that its much more powerful then 'motherfucker' or something.
Jun 20, 2011 IowaIan commented on Will Levi Be Prosecuted?.
given that Bristol doesn't call it rape, and she just claimed she had a blackout not she was passed out (according to the AP article), then I say it wasn't sexual assault. If Bristol called it rape then it would be another matter and certainly something for Alaskan authorities to take seriously.
Jun 6, 2011 IowaIan commented on I, Anonymous.
Does anyone even know what "God bless" means? Are we ordering around God? Is it a request? Are we blessing God for America? From the context you'd think it means thanking God, but how do you get "thank you for America" out of "God bless America".

Jun 6, 2011 IowaIan commented on Savage, 34.
@62 well it's certainly an asshole move to then make fun of the newspaper for it. seems like lying about your age is one of those permissible things to do though. :)

but mostly your comment shows some ignorance about Wikipedia. It's biggest sin is having disorganized articles, not being inaccurate over basics facts like birth year.
May 18, 2011 IowaIan commented on Throw Away the (Francis Scott) Key.
America the Beautiful works, and doesn't really take a side in the cultural war.
Apr 20, 2011 IowaIan commented on Texas Man Kills Daughter's Girlfriend, Girlfriend's Mother.
a good example of a situation where we really don't need hate crime laws. It's already a triple murder!

They make sense in cases of stuff like burning crosses where the conviction might be a slap on the wrist without it. But its only utility is prosecutor showboating in cases like this.
Apr 19, 2011 IowaIan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Teacher Seeks Porn Advice.
@66 I wouldn't use the word "beyond", just old fashioned.

Anyways I wouldn't care if I was reading CNN, they likely have a legal right (or its arguable that they do) to look at what you do on the Internet. Use a proxy like #1 says ( strongvpn.com is supposed to be good), now!

Ignore the folks saying you should use a phone, that's silly. That's only for people at work using locked-down computers.
Apr 18, 2011 IowaIan commented on Teen Suicide Rates Higher in Conservative, Anti-Gay Areas.
Well I guess the ideological sorting our parties have done is a good thing for sociologists.

Just a few decades ago, Democrat-% would be a very poor estimate of how liberal an area was. These days I can't complain, only a handful of exceptions like W. Virginia where things are just confusing.
Apr 18, 2011 IowaIan commented on That's Nice.
As someone in a different (opposite?) sex domestic relationship, I'm offended they discriminate against me. The company I work for doesn't. I suppose its the best (only?) example of the gays destroying marriage by bringing such benefits to unwed couples. (that said we're getting married in a few months)

Anyways I'm glad the president let Congress defend the law. First off it puts congress in an awkward position of put-up or shut-up. But more importantly the constitutional mandate to defend the laws of the nation are fulfilled I think. It is an important principal, even if presidents are haphazard about doing it.