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Dec 3, 2014 Everybody commented on Savage Love.
Could someone explain the difference between crack and coin slot?
Oct 9, 2014 Everybody commented on Savage Love.
I'm disappointed Dan didn't call out the first letter writer for saying he wants "sons."
Aug 20, 2014 Everybody commented on Virginity Pledges and Abstinence Education.
"The newly wedded men also expressed surprise that sexual temptations continued to taunt them."
I laughed.
Aug 11, 2014 Everybody commented on Christian Mingle: The Movie.
Wait, this is real? I was expecting a mashup of Cristian Mingle commercials made to look like a movie trailer. (And even wondered whether eHarmony would be funnier.)

Cow Manure Fetish Man didn't make me sick. This did.
Jun 27, 2014 Everybody commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Simple Answers.
I disagree on point 2 in the response to FUNGAL. Lots of couples are looking for thirds who are easily disposable but most don't want a pro.
May 16, 2014 Everybody commented on SL Letter of the Day: He's a Bi Man Now.
What are the chances he checked the wrong box?
May 12, 2014 Everybody commented on Two Million Views.
It does put the Rams in an awkward position if he doesn't meet expectations. Can they really cut him without allegations of prejudice?
Dec 30, 2013 Everybody commented on Billionaires Are Full of Contradictions.
$50 million is a pittance compared to the good you could do, Dan.
Sep 12, 2013 Everybody commented on SLLOTD: DTMFA! DTMFA! DTMFA!.
In before the "but if the genders were reversed . . ." debate.