May 8, 2011 HRH commented on SL Letter of the Day: One Word.
LW, you are obviously intelligent, and having had a similar situation myself, I never thought this letter was fake. Please read gnot's comments at 95, 97, 106, etc. This man is a sociopath. They are much more common than most people realize. One way some sociopaths like to use people is to get a lot of women pregnant. A baby mama will never be able to break free from him; he'll have some measure of control her whole life long. You should check out the blog It's by and for sociopaths and others with different personality disorders. You are so being played. But by a very sophisticated sociopath. He is very dangerous. He is NOT what he seemed to you to be. Please be safe and please just get away from him. Good luck.
Apr 29, 2011 HRH commented on Speaking of How Much Money Microsoft is Spending to Market Bing....
I use Bing. I love Bing. I don't work for Microsoft, but Google directions left me stranded three times in a row, so I switched and have gotten to my destination every time since.
Apr 25, 2011 HRH commented on Savage Love.
MILK - it is a super-emotional time for her, and she may need you to be strong and "manly", not another baby for her to have to suckle and nurture. If you come at this issue as a sexy, fun exploration of deeper intimacy, that could work. I could spray a distance of three feet, in multiple directions, and eventually she might, too, but if you can start by taking it slowly, and just flicking the tip of your tongue gently across her nipples without suction, that's where I'd start. Let her know you like the taste without downright suckling her like she's your Mommy, too.

PEGGY - 1. Condoms (and probably lots of lube) on the toys. 2. For such a height difference, I recommend the peggee on top in cowgirl position. Depending on the bed height and flexibility of the pals, other positions can be tricky. 3. The fellers can wear thong underwear while their junk is near your face. 4. I know you know this, but you can't feel your "cock", so be careful and slow, at least at first. Anal is different from vaginal. 5. I can come from being the pegger. I have a traditional strap-on with harness, and a Feeldoe. Love 'em both.
Apr 1, 2011 HRH commented on I, Anonymous.
Please take this very seriously. Close all joint accounts and change them to be in just your name, and make new passwords to everything that is yours, including email and Facebook. Protect yourself. Then DTMFA. Make him leave, keep the children in the marital home. If you pack his stuff up, and have it waiting for him when he gets to the house from work or wherever, maybe, just maybe, he'll get that you're serious, and maybe agree to stop contacting her and go into marriage counseling. Or it might just drive him to her, or drive their relationship more underground. Whatever happens with your relationship with him, protect yourself, your children and your assets. I regret not taking my own situation more seriously, and I really regret trusting him even after I realized how infatuated he was. I am now bankrupted as well as dumped.
Mar 31, 2011 HRH commented on Savage Love.
To FF: My story is that although my tantrum-thrower never did hit me, he did: drive the car through the garage door in anger; ball up his fist at my face many times in order to make me flinch/back down from my very valid issue; punch holes in walls, doors, and the car dashboard; swing a hammer at my head (I ducked); and drive drunk at 120 mph on a freeway, then stop short in the middle of the road, causing me to bonk my forehead on the windshield, while terrified of a collision. Now, my oldest son, while not like my husband in very many ways, punches and breaks things when he is angry too, like his dad, and holds things in out of fear of a reaction, when they should be expressed, like me. Worst of both examples. Please get out while you can.
Mar 29, 2011 HRH commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mondaymashups.
I loved this, and needed to hear/see this today. Thanks, Nick, and thanks Angie and Dan Savage for sharing this with everyone!
Mar 28, 2011 HRH commented on SL Letter of the Day: Big and Bigger.
It's possible that this letter is real (I don't think it IS, just sayin' it's possible). If this girl is real, and is actually 28, she may never have heard this Sad Eyes song. Maybe the guy has, and started spouting the lines, even calling her "Sad Eyes" which is why she used it in the letter. If that's true (if any of it is true), then that solves the "who's the bigger jerk" question once and for all. Him. For that reason, and for all the other reasons previously discussed. However, besides the directly quoted lyrics, there are so many other things in this that are hard to swallow, I don't believe a word of it, and believe it was written by a male troll. So much of it just doesn't seem like a female writer would have written it.
Mar 23, 2011 HRH commented on I, Anonymous.
For me, about 10:32 a.m. is PERFECT. Oh, look at the time!
Mar 11, 2011 HRH commented on Tipping the Maid.
@Doot, #103, are you Mr. Pink? LOL

Oh, and bundle those dirty towels in a pile on the floor of the bathroom. So much easier than bending and stooping all over the place.
Mar 11, 2011 HRH commented on Tipping the Maid.
I ALMOST always tip the cleaning service, and I try to always leave my room pretty picked-up when I go. I don't make the bed, but I will tidy up after myself, putting the used glasses all near the sink, for example, and picking up trash that fell on the floor or is on the counter tops and generally just keeping the room less disgusting for another human being to really "clean".