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Jan 10, 2013 thejerkstore commented on The Original Sins (and Pleasures) of the Movie About the Original Sins of America: Talking About Django Unchained.
@15 Exactly. Saying that Django Unchained is creating a alternate history is bizarre, it is just a fantastic story taking place in a historical context. Nothing new there. I think that Jelani Cobb is mistaking what some people are saying about the movie (that it presents and alternate history) with what the movie actually is. It could be that following up on Inglorious Bastards it is just lazy thinking to say that DU is another in the same category of Tarantino rewriting history.
Nov 14, 2012 thejerkstore commented on I, Anonymous.
this is why i love living in the RV, no mindless devotion to the "rules" down here. everytime i find myself up north, it feels like everybody has all this buried rage, just waiting to unload it on somebody breaking their fragile sense of tranquility. serenity now!
Sep 28, 2012 thejerkstore commented on City Council Will Pass Rental Housing Legislation On Monday.
laws like this get to the root of the flaw of liberalism, the belief that the system is capable of being perfected. there has to be an outlet for the poor living on the edge of society without being "outside" of it. this will push a lot of the poor into a worse situation, create more off the record renting with less rights for the illegal tenants. is housing a right, if you have no home and very little money do you have a right to live in a basement, a garage, a plywood shelter. this law says no you don't. if you can't afford a "nice" place, you have no right to live anywhere.
Aug 15, 2012 thejerkstore commented on The Stranger Is Wrong to Mock I-103.
your initiative is bad and you should feel bad.
Jun 16, 2012 thejerkstore commented on With or Without a Lake of Melted Cheese.
seattle pretty much sucks when it comes to mexican food (al asadero excluded). i have been to fonda a catrina twice, i thought is was going to be great, and while the food is not bad, they have ruinous service issues. i am not even that picky, but it is just bad, so bad. i hope this changes, but until is does there is basically a 50/50 chance you dinner will be ruined by service so clueless it defies belief. looking around the restaurant you can see the lucky tables looking happy and thinking this place is so nice, and the other half everybody is just pissed off looking.
Jun 6, 2012 thejerkstore commented on The Food of Rural Americans.
if a chilis were to open in my in-laws small hometown in the rural mid-west it would easily be the best restaurant in town. buffalo wild wings is probably the best right now. there is one bar that serves a pretty good pork sandwich, but there is nothing else but utter grossness and a super wal-mart where everybody shops. all the people objecting so vehemently have either never really spent time in rural america or have horrible taste. there are exceptions sure, but that is the exception, the reality is that food has become political in much of the country, eating well (and by that i mean caring at all about food) is liberal hogwash and anything but meat and potatos is "weird people" food. I exclude certain parts of the south and small pockets in random places where a food culture has survived the poison of modernism and reactionary thought.
Sep 20, 2011 thejerkstore commented on Five Solutions to the "War on Cars" Madness.
I am getting real tired of people gripping about pedestrians jaywalking. Is this a real city or some bastion of former hall monitors. The lights are to control cars, if nobody is coming then cross the street. I walk a lot and if I stopped at each street I would pretty much double my walking time, as all the lights consider drivers over walkers, which is fine so long as I can jaywalk without getting honked at by some asshole who I am not even slowing down. Not to mention that in a lot of areas there are no crosswalks for blocks at a time, or the "push to cross" button is just for appearances and does nothing. There are some crosswalks signals that won't change unless a car approaches the intersection, oh, and should I miss the light rail because the light won't change in time.
Jun 18, 2011 thejerkstore commented on The Barefoot Bandit Pleads Guilty and Received a Disproportionately Vicious Sentence.
@3, 4 and 5.

your comments confuse me, so folk heros and criminals are mutually exclusive. you must live in a different world than the one i know.

he is a folk hero. you are just not folk. understand that.
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