Feb 25, 2013 rnoble commented on Newspaper Paywalls Won't Forever Keep the Barbarians at the Gate.
Maybe the solution would be one paywall with a bunch of clients. If enough papers were involved, it would be useful. Avid newsreaders could pay, say, $75 a month or something and have online access to a bunch of papers. If it included access to the national papers (NYTimes, Washington Post, etc) as well as all of the regional equivalents of the Seattle Times, it would probably be worth it for a lot of folks. If you could get more local papers on board, so much the better. The uber-service could pay the various papers based on how many people looked at them or something.
Jan 30, 2013 rnoble commented on The Rent Hike.
Some quick thoughts:

@4: Like others have said, this is only density if a pinot counts as beer. Increased density involves more units, this story doesn't add units at all. More density would make this story less common, as the increased number of apartments would increase competition and so decrease rents.

@29, 30, and others: The answer is certainly not rent control. What happens then is that no one wants to build in the city because they can't paid enough to justify it. Instead, the same building exist for ever and, because the rents aren't adjusting to inflation, the landlords make progressively less relative to the cost of living. The outcome is an absolute shortage of apartments (meaning that the people who live here now are fine but the people who will want to move here later are screwed). In addition, the chance that those apartments will be well maintained is much lower because of the lower rents.

It's easy to complain about these sorts of things. But, if you are paying markedly lower rent than other buildings around you, it probably shouldn't come as a huge shock when your rent goes up. If we would get off of our unimformed, NIMBY asses and allow for denser development and stop worrying so much about (fake) gentrification when something like apodments are getting built, we would all end up paying less for rent. Instead, we complain about reality but propose ideas that will make it worse.
Nov 6, 2012 rnoble commented on Why We Won't Have a Final Vote Count in Washington State on Tuesday Night (And Why We Will Have a Solid Projection in Close Races).
So, I'm still looking for the results of these projections by Matt Barreto. It's about 10:20, and I can't find any evidence of them on the google. Do you know where they are?
Sep 8, 2011 rnoble commented on A Grindr for Straight People?.
Yeah, this seems unlikely to work. I'm a straight guy and I'll probably download it once after its been out for awhile just to see. I'll go to a bar or something and fire it up to see what's what and 100 to 1 its a bunch of dudes with some obvious prostitutes sprinkled in liberally. At that point, I'll delete the app and never think about it again.
Aug 3, 2011 rnoble commented on Poll Shows Christians Are More Bloodthirsty Than Muslims, Athiests.
That first question sounds more like a question as to whether or not you are ok with "collateral damage" in wars. Presumably, most of the respondents would be thinking about our current wars, which all happen to be in Muslim majority countries, so its not terribly surprising that Muslims would be more opposed to civilian death than non-Muslims. As for the second question, which really does seem to point more towards what we would call terrorism, I agree that the number is lower than I would like it to be. That said, I generally work from the assumption that about a quarter of the country is crazy on any particular issue.
Dec 28, 2010 rnoble commented on The Leading Republican Presidential Nominee Is....
This is what is going to happen: Huckabee will get the nomination despite Maurice Clemons. He's already shown he can win in Iowa and his anti-tax shtick will play well in NH now that McCain will be out of the mix. He'll do well in the south as well. He'll pick somewhat who is perceived as more of a policy person, i.e., someone who doesn't make as many jokes, for VP. Pawlenty's not a bad bet, but there's a shitload of options here. He'll give Obama a good run for it, but will ultimately lose, but by a smaller margin then McCain lost by.
Dec 8, 2010 rnoble commented on I, Anonymous.
Agreed. There's nothing that pisses me of more than people who have self-inflicted diet restrictions and act like assholes about it. And I say that as a vegetarian. I recognize that my not eating meat is my own choice, and I live accordingly. Going to a bakery and complaining about gluten is like me going to a barbecue joint and complaining about the pork. It's dumb.
Nov 26, 2010 rnoble commented on Change, The Camera, The Crane: To Be Or Not to Be On the Map.
As it turns out, I grew up in that part of Colorado. I lived in Canon City, about an hour down the river from Salida, from birth until I joined the army at 19. While I never really cared one way or another, this project seems to provoke a unnecessarily high amount of rage. A high school friend of mine was out here from DC a few weeks ago and we were talking about old times and one of the things that came up was the Christo exhibit. We agreed that it would be really interesting to do some kind of art proect that focused on the various letters to the editors of the local papers in the area about the topic over the last 20 years.

As to Salida being boring as fuck, that's a pretty unfair assessment IMO. If you demand that the place you live has a symphony and a thriving night life every night of the week, you should probably live in a big city. If you want to live in a small city with a great local arts scene for its size and a shitload of beautiful scenery, I'm not sure you could pick a better one than Salida (don't move to Canon. I grew up there and it sucks really bad.). You should be prepared for a lot of snow, though.
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Apr 26, 2010 rnoble commented on Chow Bio.
@1 I agree. I mean, sure he has a job that causes him to sweat and the interview probably took place in the midst of that, but how dare he not run home and jump in the shower before taking a snap shot. You'd hate for pictures to reflect the reality of his day to day life in the kitchen.