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Oct 10, 2013 noodles' girl commented on Captain Phillips: A Movie About Tom Hanks on a Boat!.
You forgot to say when it opens in Seattle and where.
Jan 2, 2013 noodles' girl commented on ‘Django Unchained’.
@7. The movie is not racist (see: the plot). The movie has racism in it because it is set in two years before the Civil War in the American South.
Jan 2, 2013 noodles' girl commented on ‘Django Unchained’.
Bomb ass movie!! Spike Lee is a crybaby and probably wishes deep down that he made this movie, it is so tight... the Shakur estate didn't seem to mind, much less the numerous other black actors that gave great performances, so who cares what Spike Lee thinks? So much to love in Django Unchained, you are missing out if you get hung up on certain dialogue. Leo blew me away, Jamie Foxx was better than I even expected him to be, and Chrisoph Waltz brought such flavor to the movie. I enjoyed so many references (Scarface), and found the winter scenes and the use of Jim Croce spot on. Gorgeous stuff Tarantino. Don Johnson was also awesome and Jonah Hill drove that awesome bumbling flour sack scene. Four thumbs up (and the middle finger to Spike 'Drama Queen' Lee).
Dec 11, 2012 noodles' girl commented on Savage Love Episode 319.
Whoa, my first attack through the comment thread. Cousine, my boyfriend's nickname is Noodles b/c I was buying soba noodles at the store when he asked me out. Therefore, using the plural possessive, I am Noodles' girl. Get it? I like Dan's politics, I just think the rants can sometimes get a bit long and then you don't get as many viewer questions. I've seen / hear other viewers mention this (particularly after Ms. "" whose voice I can't get out of my head. I just thought a separate politics blog would give Dan the chance to go off as much as he wants and not take away from the awesome lovecast he does. I also really enjoyed Savage U, but I don't think it would have been as good if Dan was up there lecturing to people about same sex marriage, polyamory or abortion rights instead of taking their questions with his knowledge and wit. It's just about the tone of the podcast, not about grammar or word choice. I'll still be listening, that one in particular was a little darker than what I was expecting for my shot of entertainment on a tuesday morning at work.
Dec 6, 2012 noodles' girl commented on Savage Love Episode 319.
Dan, I think you need a separate podcast for politics. I tune into the Lovecast for entertainment and I got 15 minutes of depressing information. Quite a different mood was set at the top of this. Lovecast is fun and entertaining, dead babies and mothers are very sad.
Nov 28, 2012 noodles' girl commented on Savage Love Episode 318.
Dan, I believe you went off about the right to over the counter birth control at the beginning of this. I hear you, and I must say I am SO SICK of birth control being referred to as a woman's issue. The only reason women need birth control is if they are having sex with men, so that makes it applicable to both genders. I work out of town a lot, and if I am in need of my $70 a month Nuva Ring (generic is STILL not available even though it's been out for years and saves me from pregnancy and crazy depressive side effects of the pill) I have to transfer my prescription to a pharmacy in another city. My scrip is for a year, but once transferred, it remains in the new city instead of Seattle when I need it the next month until I call and get it switched back. I have learned to keep an online pharmacy handy, a local one, and a spare in case I go out of town, so I don't miss my dose. What a hassle. I get so pissed every time I see penis enhancement pills of all kinds on the counter of the gas station. Accessible birth control is harder than getting tampons added to first aid kits.
Nov 5, 2012 noodles' girl commented on Flight: Denzel Washington Is an Asshole (in One of the Best Films of the Year).
I was excited to see Flight after reading this review, but the movie did not live up to the hype. Denzel isn't a big enough asshole, I almost fell asleep during the scenes with the addict girl who had no relevance in my opinion, and the divorced relationship with an adolescent son is tired and predictable. What a waste of Don Cheadle too. I felt like a lot more could have been done with this storyline, but he just sort of hid out until the inevitable. For my money, I want more explosive scenes and outrageousness from Denzel- his lifestyle before he got caught was more interesting than the aftermath.
Oct 15, 2012 noodles' girl commented on Rodriguez.
I was so excited to see Rodriguez, I had been listening to Cold Fact for two weeks in my car. I've easily been to the Showbox over 30 times and I've never heard worse sound. The audience was actually yelling "turn the vocals/turn the mic up" for the first few songs. It was really unfortunate. I guess they brought their own sound man, but even when they turned the band way down, you still couldn't hear Rodriguez singing. What a bummer.
Aug 26, 2012 noodles' girl commented on The Cat in 606: What Happened to Her?.
Thank you thank you! I had to see her. Meow.
Aug 23, 2012 noodles' girl commented on The Woman in 606.
Mmjrevu actually lists psychosis as a symptom that some strains (albeit few) can help with-…