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"Only materialists and madmen never have doubts." G. K. Chesterton

Jan 21 thatsnotright commented on Can We Talk About Patti Smith at the Moore Last Night?.
I was there, and feel that if ever there was a time for this song to be sung in Seattle by Patti Smith, MLK Day was the day to do it. There was no mean-spiritedness there.There was true compassion and a call to avoid complacency and lukewarm politness in the face of real, malignant racism and prejudice. Let's face it, Patti Smith has worked with and known far more friends and bandmates of Jimi Hendrix than any of us ever have. I imagine if anyone who knew him had told her he would have been hurt by this song she'd have stopped singing it years ago. It obviously hasn't lost any of it's original ability to make people uncomfortable, which as a Punk song, is the point. The song requires the listener to identify with the outcast, or stand back and be an oppressor. It tears away euphemism and demands that you choose a side, standing uncomfortably at the edge is a commentary on the listener and not the song. Not singing that song won't make racism go away, and her performance of it was very clearly not an act of prejudice. Seattle is famous for it's white guilt. Watch any audience when any joke or commentary directly dealing with race is made from a stage and see people squirm and look around to see if it is alright to laugh or if one should take on an expression of umbrage. That's where the shame should lie, not with that one fraught word but with our lack of real outrage that people who have learned to use euphemisms to hide their bigotry are still very much in power because we allow them to be.
Jan 19 thatsnotright commented on BREAKING: #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Blocking Highway 99.
Oh, poor me! My commute is going to be a bit difficult because some people are protesting that black people are being killed in disproportionate numbers. It's not as if traffic ever gets bad because of footbal games, fireworks, concerts, or Seafair. It's outrageous!
Jan 16 thatsnotright commented on Women's College Cancels Annual Production of The Vagina Monologues....
To clarify my comment @15 I mean to say frustrates cis-gendered people who support trans-gender rights.
Jan 16 thatsnotright commented on Women's College Cancels Annual Production of The Vagina Monologues....
This sort of thing frustrates non-trans allies, obfuscates dialogue, turns off those who are in the process of developing more open attitudes to concepts of gender identity and plays right into the hands of the haters. Total fail.
Dec 17, 2014 thatsnotright commented on I, Anonymous.
What @5 said. You are a grown up, act like one to this person instead of a timid and compliant child.
Dec 16, 2014 thatsnotright commented on SL Letters of the Day: A Foursome.
There're two kinds of people in the world: those who need spreadsheets to track their attractions, and those who don't. Both are of equal value but the one rarely understands the other.
Dec 14, 2014 thatsnotright commented on Is This Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road the Greatest Trailer Ever Made?.
@9 exactly. If oil is so damned scarce and precious how can they possibly get enough to waste in such huge amounts? By the time the world got to such a level of scarcity cars and trucks with engines like that would have been scrapped for recycling long before. I like sci-fi but this story never made sense.
Dec 11, 2014 thatsnotright commented on City to Crack Down on Pot-Delivery Services and Consider New Rules for Dispensaries.
It seems we need a new intiative to fix some loopholes. Why not allow delivery? I would also like to see an end to local option, which allows communities to ban sales altogether. Texas has local option alcohol sales and there are patchworks of dry, semi-dry, wet, no liquor by the drink, whole bottle only rules that apply to towns and counties. In some areas you can buy booze on one side of the street but not the other. Bootlegging is rampant in a state where alcohol is legal thus lowering tax revenues.

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