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He's properly relaxed with bent elbows.
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Re: freeway flyovers- the onus of providing access across the freeway belongs to the folks who want the freeway at all.
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I put my paperwork in 12 years ago at age 19. It was quick and painless. I wrote and signed a letter, and gave it to the local bishop. They definitely ask for a reason, and have a "mandatory waiting period" which IMO is not legally binding, and if you really want to play the game, you can always instruct them to waive the waiting period. All you have to say is "effective immediately." Easy peasy.

A few months after meeting with the bishop an official letter came saying that it was done.

I believe that the number of people resigning has shot way up, as of the internet age. They have streamlined the process.

It is best not to harass the Mormons, answer the door naked, etc. Doing so reinforces their persecution complex. It is best to live a happy life outside of the church, and simply lead by example.