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Nov 1 joemomma commented on I, Anonymous.
Anon is an idiot.

The dog leasher shouldn't be taking such an uncontrollably aggressive dog out in public. That is easily preventable.
Oct 21 joemomma commented on I, Anonymous.
The best thing you can do in this situation is fuck her brother. On her bed.
Jun 19 joemomma commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
MC Hammer, Kool Mo Dee, Heavy D & the Boyz, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock and The Boys at the Seattle Center Coliseum.

May 21 joemomma commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
I'm a witch and I, for one, am unfuckingbelievably offended!
May 11 joemomma commented on I, Anonymous.
Yes, you win.

First place for most ambiguous and boring anon of the year.
Mar 31 joemomma commented on Man Who Raped Three-Year-Old Daughter Sentenced to Probation.
@6 how long was your child porn sentence?
Mar 29 joemomma commented on I, Anonymous.
Mar 29 joemomma commented on Young People Aren't Going to the Movies Anymore.
Going to the movies has become increasingly annoying because too many god damn inbred shitheel, assholes behave as if they are in their own living room, not a theater full of strangers who's tickets they did not pay for... holding out their 6 inch screen, ten million candlepower smartphones or gabbing incessantly throughout the whole god damn movie.

Every theater should adopt absolute Alamo Drafthouse Cinema rules.
Mar 29 joemomma commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Who's The Bigger Asshole?.
The cackling hag is an inbred cunt. She's so concerned with safety that she stops in the middle of the passing lane, blocking traffic, solely to cackle, gloat and shoot video.

She should remove herself from the gene pool.
Feb 19 joemomma commented on I, Anonymous.
you are a pussy, anon

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