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Jun 16 Morosoph commented on The Morning News: Tech Workers' Impact on Home Prices, the Woman in the Suitcase, and Grizzlies in the Cascades.
Reducing the rising housing prices to "tech jobs" is ridiculously simplistic. As if there weren't plenty of other factors driving up the cost of real estate in US cities - e.g. extremely low interest rates that make real estate a more attractive place for international wealth to park itself on.
Feb 20 Morosoph commented on I, Anonymous.
99.99% of I, Anonymous posts that are angry rants are boring and indistinguishable from every other anonymous rant the Internet has to offer. Only the guilty confessions are worth reading.
Feb 17 Morosoph commented on Ben Carson Is Actually Right About War Crimes.
@1, that doesn't really follow - there are many reasons you might choose to keep POWs alive and well. You could view them as bargaining chips, for one. And the anticipation of humane treatment would increase the incentive of other enemy soldiers to surrender peacefully rather than fight to the death.
Feb 3 Morosoph commented on First Impressions of Seattle by Someone from Spokane.
Left Seattle for SF years ago - and man, for all the complaints about the hostility of locals here, Seattle is _so_ much friendlier to newbies than the Bay Area. SF natives are snobby and hostile as fuck to anyone they don't deem sufficiently "local", and regard one's years of residency in the city as the deciding point to win an argument over literally anything at all.
Feb 1 Morosoph commented on New Column!.
@2, how can you pose as such a guardian of Seattle cred and not recognize this column as classic Stranger parody?
Jan 22 Morosoph commented on My Philosophy.
"Build more housing", unsatisfying though it may be, is the only solution with any sense behind it - and not just here, but in underdeveloped cities all over the US. Cities are getting white and rich because there's not enough city to go around for everyone who wants it. Urban life is what the people want and what the people need.

Mudede has it right.
Aug 20, 2014 Morosoph commented on Consumer Advocacy Organization Says Fake Chicken Is Making People Sick.
Man, I've really come to hate CSPI. You'd think they'd gain some humility after pushing for trans fats to replace saturated fats in packaged foods for years, then having to reverse that demand. But no - here they are, trying to completely eliminate a product not associated with any long-term health problems, and that I've eaten and enjoyed many times without any issues whatsoever.
Jul 12, 2014 Morosoph commented on Sometimes It Seems as Though Humans Invent Technology Because We Hate Humans and Don't Want to Interact with Them.
I do suspect there are some people with particularly significant issues with social anxiety, for whom this might manifest itself as a contempt for service workers. They can't deal with feeling frightened, so they respond with contempt.

I don't really feel superior to all the service people that I have to deal with every day; I just find small talk awkward and would like to avoid it if possible. I just find talking to strangers an inherently difficult thing to do. And we live in a society that increasingly enables you to focus your energy less on figuring out how to elegantly handle interactions with very large numbers of people, and more on other things. This can definitely be a good thing in some situations, but in the aggregate it's probably a little unhealthy.
Jul 8, 2014 Morosoph commented on Seattle City Council Repeals Its Ordinance Regulating Rideshare Companies Like UberX and Lyft.
Good. If there was any regulation that was needed around Uber/Lyft, it absolutely _wasn't_ a vehicle cap. That detail was there only for the benefit of cab companies, not consumers.
Jun 30, 2014 Morosoph commented on Why San Francisco Sucks and Why Density Alone Cannot Save Seattle From Becoming a San Francisco.
@20, yes, they do, and it's a reasonable approach. But the SF progressives right now want to set the BMR fund and/or construction requirements for new development to be so high (some demand 50% of new units be subsidized) that it would become unprofitable.

Unless, perhaps they raise height limits - which SF progressives won't stand for either, of course.

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