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Aug 3 ForkyMcSpoon commented on It Would Be Helpful If Hillary Clinton Stopped Lying.
Keep some perspective. Hillary Clinton had 100 classified emails (out of >30,000), only two of which had any classified markings, and none of which had been properly classified at the time and properly marked. Treating this as if it's a huge scandal, anywhere on par with things that have been given this much coverage in the past, is a bit ridiculous.

And quit acting like Comey is a purely neutral actor. He's a Republican and he hasn't treated this like he would other cases (normally, when they don't recommend pressing charges, they simply say so, and don't hold a press conference talking shit about the people they've concluded are innocent).
Jun 9 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Canadian Supreme Court: Coming In Sheep Is a Crime.
Those crazy Canadians.

This is just like the time they awarded their highest literary prize to a book with bestiality as prominent theme:…
May 27 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Donald Trump Clinches GOP Nomination, Sanders and Trump May or May Not Debate.
@4 Trump has nothing to lose as long as Bernie is willing to burn those final bridges and spend the whole night attacking Hillary.

If Bernie instead flipped the script, accepted that he won't beat Hillary (and indications are that he realizes this and he has made overtures to Dems not to worry about unity) and spent the whole time going after Trump, Bernie still gains:
he still can say, "Hillary wouldn't debate me, but Trump would. And I creamed him" which could help him in CA.

He also gains with the party - by making an argument to his supporters that Trump is unacceptable, and attacking Trump instead of Hillary, he helps to unify the party for November. He gains in the primary, Hillary gains in November, Bernie gains goodwill from the party he can use for later.

The person who loses in that scenario, and very badly, is Trump.

I think it's smart of Trump to decline. He has nothing to gain unless Bernie goes into it planning on burning down the Democratic Party. Not a bet I would take if I were Trump.
May 24 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
@7 Lost the WA caucus, yes.

She'll just have to console herself with the presidential nomination.
May 4 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Why I'm Glad, But Not Psyched, About Bernie Sanders' Comeback Victory in Indiana.
@23 90%/85% (the two models on 538) do not equal 100%.

For those percentages to have any meaning, it means that those 10% and 15% outcomes need to happen sometimes. There's nothing about a 15% chance that leads to the conclusion that it was a world-shaking upset. 15% is almost the same as the chance of rolling a 6 on a 6-sided die. It is not a trivial chance.

If an 85% chance of victory meant they were predicting that Hillary would certainly win... then they should list it as a >99% chance of victory. 15% is unexpected, but only mildly surprising. Especially given that the demographic predictions had Indiana as a favorable state for Bernie.
May 4 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Why I'm Glad, But Not Psyched, About Bernie Sanders' Comeback Victory in Indiana.
"the math and the undemocratic superdelegate system make it virtually impossible for Sanders to win the nomination"
The superdelegate system does not make it possible for him to override the voters because 1. overriding the voters is not in the interest of the party and to a lesser extent 2. they prefer Hillary anyway. But don't imply it's undemocratic for the candidate with more votes to win. If he wins the most votes, they will have pressure to flip because blocking his nomination would be BAD for the party. And as much as they like Hillary, they like the party more. Which is why Obama won the superdelegates in 2008.

Like you, I think Bernie should keep running... if he will keep the focus on the issues, attack the Republicans instead of Hillary, and work on ways to utilize the campaign he's built to do some combination of help kick the GOP out of Congress, help progressive movements and keep up the pressure for leftward change.

If he's just going to whine about superdelegates and attack Hillary for her AUMF vote for the 300th time, it does not help anything.
Apr 28 ForkyMcSpoon commented on German City Tries to Prevent Idiots With Cell Phones From Winning Darwin Awards.
They don't string random words together, they string almost all compound noun sequences together, whereas we only string shorter ones together. They operate pretty much the same as English compound nouns, except that they are written as one word. There are cases in English where you just have to know whether it's one word, hyphenated, or written with a space. Greenhouse, manslaughter and textbook are written as one word, but nail polish, ice cream and high school are written as two. Can you give a reason why?

Some English compound nouns are even written multiple ways: cellphone, cell phone, cell-phone (we even see two of them occurring in the same post, i.e. this post).

If we were like the Germans, some of the phrases in your post would be written differently:
citytransportauthority, tramstops, cellphoneusers, condotower. But you don't justremoveallthespaces.
Apr 25 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Game of Thrones: Tear Down That Wall!.
The wall is essential to the plot.

They could probably reduce the amount of screen time it gets, however.

There is also some benefit to not jumping between characters/regions quite so often. Stay a little longer with each character, even if it means you get to fewer per episode (this is mostly about rearranging the order of scenes through the season).
Mar 25 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Ask Us Anything About Our Caucus Endorsement(s).
What are the most "vicious" attacks Hillary has leveled against Bernie "from the right"?

Her most common refrain is that his plans are unrealistic and unlikely to pass. This hardly counts as "vicious". She talks about his opposition to gun control, which is an attack from the left. She misrepresented a couple of his votes, but those were, again, attacks from the left.

What I haven't heard is her talking about how he's going to raise taxes on everyone "and that includes YOU, ordinary American!" or something along those lines. Bernie's plans would raise taxes on the median household by over $5,000*, yet I haven't heard Hillary pounding Bernie on this. Maybe I've missed it?

*According to this:…
Mar 23 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Support the Real Progressive.
@4 Hillary is clearly favored to beat Trump.

She has some flaws (low favorability ratings show that) but she beats Trump by an average of 10 pts, and trending upwards. And Trump's favorability ratings make Hillary's look positively glowing.

I think Hillary's numbers will recover somewhat when the primary is over and Bernie endorses her and we focus on party unity (assuming she wins the primaries, of course). That might also be the case for Trump, but not enough to overcome her advantage.

Sanders does better in those polls right now. This is nowhere near the same thing as saying that Trump is favored to beat Hillary. They can both beat Trump, easily.

I think the GOP is such a dumpster fire right now that either candidate is favored to beat Trump, so just vote for the one you like better.