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Nov 19 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Savage Love.
Don't need to have a clit to double over thinking about that.

Just remember that the clit is analogous to the glans/penis and the idea of sticking a needle in it will be adequately cringe-worthy.
Oct 23 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Awful Person Defaces National Parks With Terrible Paintings.
If only she had been doing it for the noble goal of making a profit, she'd have been in the clear.

Wish there was this strong of a reaction to mountain top removal coal mining, for example.
Sep 15 ForkyMcSpoon commented on This Is an IKEA Ad.
"Time to move out?" basically.
Aug 19 ForkyMcSpoon commented on SL Letter of the Day: For Better or Worse.
Cheating could potentially be an issue in a divorce, should things get ugly.
Jun 11 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Shit Is Going Down In Iraq.
I don't think we can easily convince the Sunni and Shi'a that slaughtering each other is a bad idea if they don't already think so. And we certainly can't convince them of that by invading them or by sending one side guns.

They have to figure it out for themselves.
May 19 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Federal Judge Strikes Down Oregon's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
@1 I don't know what perverts you're talking about, but gay marriage has won through referendums* and legislation** in many places.

*Referendums: MD, ME, WA
**Legislation: VT, CT, NH, DC, NY, RI, DE, MN, HI, IL, and most other countries where gay marriage is legal, like the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, England, France, etc.
Feb 4 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Savage Love.
As was pointed out, the -ed suffix can sometimes make adjectival forms out of nouns.

As in "brown-haired" and "left-handed" or even "horse-faced" or any number of things.

I think the problem is that the derivation did not go in the order people are thinking it goes now. And it's ok if people want to prefer "transgender" to "transgendered" but I don't think it's ok to impute all sorts of negative motivations to people using a normal grammatical process.

Gender is a noun. It can be made into an adjective, "gendered". Hence you can say something is "male gendered". But if they're gendered in a way that crosses (i.e. the meaning of "trans-") from the assigned/birth gender to the opposite gender, then they were "transgendered".

Likewise, someone could complain that they do not have a "transgender", and that "a transgender" is not a thing. They have a male or female gender. Since they transitioned from the opposite sex, they are transgendered.

Really, it's a pretty minor point and it's not a case of the -ed suffix being used to dehumanize or imply that their transgenderism is something that happened to them. The -ed suffix is used simply because "gender" is (grammatically) a noun, and hence it took an -ed suffix to become an adjective. It doesn't NEED that suffix, and it certainly seems that "transgender" is the more common term (when coming before "person", "man" or "woman", "transgender" was several times more common on Google results, while it was about a 55-45 split before "people"). It seems that "transgender" is now firmly an adjective without any additional ending, even though "gender" is not.

The reason that you wouldn't say "gayed" or "blacked"? Because those are and were already adjectives. Simple as that.

Honestly, as a linguist it can be quite annoying to read activists (my experience being with feminism/gender studies) talk about language...
Jan 27 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Frank Rich to Liberals: Ignore Fox News.
The stats about Democrats vs. Republicans in the White House aren't as revealing as they're made out to be.

For one, control of Congress? That hasn't favored Democrats, and Republicans have been able to make strong gains at times.

The partisan realignment after the Civil Rights Act, the recessions occurring in 1992 and 2008, the changing demographics, etc. are probably much more important than the news. While Fox News might be pushing the GOP too far to the right in the presidential races, with gerrymandering creating safe GOP seats they're also pushing GOP legislators too far to the right to get anything productive done. And at the state level, they have an effect as well, and it's not good either.
Sep 19, 2013 ForkyMcSpoon commented on Approaching 10,000,000 Views.
@30 Eh, I think Florida would probably beat Utah as well.
Aug 16, 2013 ForkyMcSpoon commented on When Bad Press Releases Happen to Good Editors.
I don't spend very much time pondering why bad things happen to faithful Christians.

Mostly because there's no reason to expect that faithfulness will get you anything, except possibly help from other Christians. And even that's not guaranteed, depending on the nature and severity of the problems.

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