Nov 11, 2013 gracey commented on Twice Sold Tales is Open in Ballard.
once, during a desperate, starving student phase, I sold my collection of kliban's books, including WYP, to twice sold tales. fents!
Oct 7, 2013 gracey commented on City Council Votes to Effectively Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
Dominic's post failed to mention an important finanical aspect of the council's decision that affects the poor of our fair city. Many MMJ patients are disabled (sometimes invisibly so) and live on Social Security Disability Insurance. These folks just lost their access to affordable medication because the council wants to level the playing field. When you're in chronic or intractable pain, there IS no level playing field. I'm with Fnarf. The council's got it wrong, again, and Sally Clark's proved herself a disappointment, again and again.
Sep 25, 2013 gracey commented on Woman Attempts to "Earn" Engagement by Making 300 Sandwiches.
Megan, your reaction to this blog post is similar to your overuse of exclamation points!! and ALL CAPS!!! (or in this case, the bolds for EMPHASIS!!!). It's overwrought and immature. Your defensive explanations are, too.
Sep 24, 2013 gracey commented on The Morning News: The All-Hockey Edition!.
Megan Seling, you're a lousy writer. Moreover, your overuse of exclamation points and CAPTIAL LETTERS serves only to emphasize your lack of writing skills. Juvenile.
Aug 15, 2013 gracey commented on Five Nights of Genius at the Frye: The Literature Showcase, In Photos.
why weren't the dancers/choreographers given a platform like the other nominee categories?
Aug 2, 2013 gracey commented on Drunk of the Week BONUS: Dance Moves With Aunt Roach!.
KO, I loved the stories you'd tell about your mom and aunt roach--from way back in the day when I sat at the copy table upstairs with min et al. glad to see aunt roach in all her fabulousness. 'teebs'
Aug 1, 2013 gracey commented on "I Was Almost Ready to Smile at the Solemn Whimsicalities of That Outlandish Prophet of the Wharves".
I loved 'Bartleby' and yes, weirdly still relevant.
Jul 31, 2013 gracey commented on Texas Women May Soon Have as Many Rights as Breeding Cows.
Terrifying. Fucking terrifying.
Jun 2, 2013 gracey commented on Slog Bible Study: 1 Samuel 18:25-27.
@ 16 Yes, I LOVED Heller's 'God Knows' and reread it over and over for several years until the paperback fell apart. A hysterical retelling of the story of David with Goliath, foreskins, Bathsheba, etc. A great summer read!
Apr 9, 2013 gracey commented on Name the High Voltage Cat!.
rusty. duh.