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May 2, 2010 boboday555 joined My Stranger Face
May 2, 2010 boboday555 commented on Fuck the South.
When I heard that 70% of all Federal Entitlements go to gun totin', book burning, red-states I just laughed.
Those shiftless inbred, confederate layabouts prancing around as proud as illiterate peacocks is why our nation is only a shadow of her former glory!
Whole swaths of this once great nation are teeming with lazy, uneducated inbred confederate bums!
George W. AWOL wasn't qualified to preside over a high school class but, because that southern base of inbred losers only looks at where the candidate comes from, we had to put up with 8 years of a retarded boy embarrassing my nation on the world stage!
Then we had Caribou Barbie boasting to her useless base of sister fucking hillbillies that Alaska was a Real-State and that the states where the Boston Tea-Party, the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and The Shot Heard Round The World, to name but a few, took place aren't really American I wanted to cry at their inbred stupidity.
Alaska, America's biggest socialist charity state is the Real America?
If you really believe that your Mom and Dad were almost certainly brother and sister!
So, do your useless children a favor and leave already.
I mention your useless children because here in modern America we no longer have any use for primitive children so, unless you want them sweeping floors or shoveling shit, you'd better launch your own inbred nation where your useless uneducated primitive kids can have a better more fulfilling life being Piggly Wiggly cashiers.