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May 15 NotSean commented on Why Do We Hate Pigeons?.
Tell me they eat mosquitos, and I will never speak ill of them again.
May 6 NotSean commented on Dashcam Footage Shows Seattle Police Officers Deriding Black People.
Ok, I'll pile on.

Even in the correction/ update there is confusion:

>> he was not joking about beating people up. <<

Where I'm from, that turn of phrase 'he was not joking about xxx' means that the subject was quite serious about 'xxxx'. That 'xxxx' was exactly the subject's intent.

So, to say 'was not joking about beating' is to mean 'was serious about beating'.

And, honestly, coming late to this article, I thought that was what Ansel meant, which confused my little late-comer's mind.

But, Ansel, I'd still share a beer with you. I think you got spirit. Hang in there.

May 5 NotSean commented on Florida Couple Faces Jail Time, Lifetime on Sex-Offender Registry, for Having Sex on a Beach.
If no genitals were exposed,how is this standing up in court?

Isn't an issue of 'free speach'? One can dance - shake a booty, wiggle and jiggle, rub-a-dub-dub - with a buddy all they like, no? If genitals were unseen, what witness can testify the act was sexual?

It's no more categorically sexual than say the cirque-de-soleil-style contortionist entertainers you might encounter on a sunny beach day.

I hope they sue for enormous damages.
May 1 NotSean commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: This Old Cock.
It used to be an old one-liner joke:

I promise not to cum in your mouth.

...But, here, we have the possibility of it being an honest statement.
Apr 29 NotSean commented on Bernie Sanders Tells the Associated Press: "I Am Running for President".
@5 Beholden. That's the currency of politics. Someone owes you, and therefore you leverage it for what you need to accomplish. It's ugly but, hey, not as ugly as the alternatives.

It's one reason Clinton will be so very powerful as president... a great accumulation of people that are, or will be, beholden to her.

Likewise, it may be why Obama had such difficulties. He never owned enough chits.

Apr 25 NotSean commented on William Wingate Sues Officer Cynthia Whitlatch and the Seattle Police Department Alleging Racial Discrimination.
@20 You are overlooking how a Dr, as a partner in their practice... differs from, say, the nurses who are employees of the practice... Or cops, who are employees of the city.

That said, the officer is not without some liability in the incident.
Apr 25 NotSean commented on William Wingate Sues Officer Cynthia Whitlatch and the Seattle Police Department Alleging Racial Discrimination.
@7 great idea, if you want to have absolutely no one accept a job at the SPD .. and those remaining taking zero risks in their duties.

Apr 21 NotSean commented on Late Morning News: William Shatner Wants to Pipe Seattle's Water to California, and Howard Wright's Voting Record.
@9 Look at a f'ing map. California is BELOW Washington. Water flows DOWN.

Apr 20 NotSean commented on Study Finds Tampa Police Gave 80 Percent of Bike Tickets to Blacks.
It's illegal to not be wealthy in America.

And, if you are wealthy, nothing is illegal.
Apr 20 NotSean commented on Jeb Bush Sort of Admits That Climate Change Is Real.
A Republican Leader making the 'I care about the environment' sound...

..much as the 'Manson Family' felt a little sad as they butchered Sharon Tate.

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