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5:48 PM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
No, it doesn't. Democracy means rule by the people. The people decide what the rules are. Trump won the majority of the electoral votes, and everyone knew the rules, and nobody objected until the results came in. You can call America a non-democracy, but that doesn't change anything.
4:15 PM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

This week LW BGIF wrote about contexts where use of the word was ok. Surf nostalged about the time (way before my own) when Dan was routinely addressed as "Faggot". Last week an LW talked about how her bf would wanted to be denigrated and called Faggot.

For Venn it was the vilest of words, and he would never utter it. Just "f*****" when he was waxing especially bitter. Venn must be at least half-happy this Inauguration Day. He was no Clintonite, and he feared her election would lead to an anti-gay backlash. Venn's been gone 2 weeks now, and I miss him. I didn't agree with his politics, and I often didn't understand his Austensplaining, but he was an interesting and civil correspondent. Venn never heaped expletives on his opponents. Some could learn from his example.
9:19 AM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Sigh. I knew you would object, and I grant your point. I did want to make an issue of Trump's gross sexism, and the acceptance of it by the electorate. I failed.
6:45 AM yesterday Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I normally wouldn't reply to your Trump query for reason of off-topic, but we're not exactly swamped with comments.
I can't think of anything where I agree with the great Huckster-- the snake oil he's selling is himself. Simply his refusal to show his tax returns should be disqualifying. Trump has no ideology but his own being. He is incredibly ignorant about history and politics, and, importantly, he has no concept of his ignorance. But this election was about Change, and Clinton was No Change personified.

More topical-- Trump supporters are opposed to the on-going changes in our culture. They don't abide abortion rights. Gay marriage is for them an attack on God's will. And that 53% of white women voted for the Groper seems to refute the cries here against "rape culture."
Jan 19 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I have already explained here why I thought Clinton was a poor candidate (eg in the Aaaron the Side column); I don't think another repeat would be useful. I did advocate for a Warren candidacy. Poor Bernie looks even older than his 75y, and I could have strangled him when he said during the debates that no one cares about Hillary's emails.
Jan 18 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

You moron. I supported (reluctantly) Hilary.
Jan 18 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Dirty's letter reminded me of the Professor-- a long-departed commenter here. The Professor was strictly old-school in terms of gender relations, ie, a type which is almost totally missing in these pages. Like Trump supporters. The Professor's schtick was not that he wanted to give up his assets to some woman, but that he already had. Money-grubbing wives had plundered him for their maintenance and later alimony and child support.

It's not an attitude one should support, but at least be aware of. Otherwise one may find ones world turned upside-down after an election.
Jan 17 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The Week in Review -- Clubbing
4 Letters, Below average response.

Locks-- Writer and their bf have been playing with male chastity devices. They want to go to a strip club where bf would wear such a device and get a lap dance. Is there an etiquette for this? Should they pre-inform the dancer. Bobbi Hill, lap dancer, and Aaron, also dancer, were Dan's guesperts.

Cougar-- Presumed woman left her husband of 25y. She went to a bar and picked up a guy in his 40s. She was surprised to find his pubes and anal area shaved. Is that common nowadays, and is there any meaning to this?

Fags-- Woman met bf at gay night in a club. He was shirtless, and she thought him gay. But he says he's straight. He gave her the best piv ever and also loves eating her. He has what she says is an above average cock, but he wants her to denigrate it. He wants to be called "faggot" while they're fucking. Is it ok for her to use this slur?

Breeder-- Person recently stopped reading Dan's column due to its current focus on homosexuality.

A lot of comments made fun of Breeder. Some commentary over the word "cougar". A few comments on chastity devices. Is there language too horrible to heap on a submissive?
Jan 16 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
I just got back from a week-end in the Big Apple. Normally I spend a good amount of time walking around in the natural areas of parks. Yesterday I walked maybe 8 miles in the streets of Manhattan. Down in the canyons of buildings of sand, stone, and steel climbing into heaven. Natural high.
Jan 11 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
For those who have been curious about the "salacious aspects" referred to in the disputed intelligence report recently in the news, but haven't yet seen it (still available from Buzzfeed), here is my paraphrase:

Trump visited Moscow (2013?) and ordered a suite previously occupied by the Obamas. Trump, at least partially to defile the bed the Os had used, had prostitutes perform golden showers on it.