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Hunter78 is unwinding from work.
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The Week in Review -- Anti-Climax
3 Letters, pretty good response.

Clif-- A happily married straight man. His 33yo wife cannot orgasm through piv since their last child-- she blames this on a need to pee. She does climax through oral, toys, etc. Are there exercises or other means to restore her ability to come via piv. Ob-gyn Jennifer Gunter is guespert.

Braced-- 29yo male desires monogamy, currently in ltr with 29yo woman. He has been seeking women and men on dating sites. He hasn't discussed his bisexuality with her. He's uncertain if he'd still want monogamy after coming out to her.

Passion-- Person advocates NotHard's husband from last week inject prostaglandin to combat ed.

Mysteries of the female orgasm. Sticking needles in dicks. 6hr boners. Vab had the most informative post on Trimix in their short @7; Boy's @14 was good, too. Clif v Clit as a better intentional sign-off was argued-- ironically by some of the same who argued last week that sign-offs were often faked by Dan and his minions and should be ignored. Piv orgasms. Ric returned from a month's absence. Thank you, Miz, for keeping nipples on the table. Baby-making's effects on sex. Marenna made a reappearance. Gayphobia in different cultures.
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Native Americans were too pure to have religion.
May 19 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

I'd rather be a porn star.
May 18 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Sometimes I despair the group intelligence. Someone mentioned a 6hr erection, and then many regulars talked about it. Only a few more thoughtful commenters suggested this represents rare occurrences.
May 17 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Trump's troubles make watching news fun again.
May 16 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
The Week in Review -- Traps and Triggers
3 Letters, above average response.

NotHard-- Woman with 20y older husband, who has had ED for 8y. She can't get more the few piv thrusts, and feels she is missing her sex life. He offers oral and toys, but she remains unsatisfied. She is curious about casual relationships, but doesn't want to be a cheater.

Dogio-- Couple has dog and is also trying to get pregnant. Their fertilization technique is to fuck everyday for 15 continuous days of her cycle. Dog does not like to get shut out.

Rough-- 30yo Woman had a rough lover when she was 14 and didn't like it. In college she had a bf who always asked permissions, which she liked. Her husband would like some mild kink, but whenever they pass a certain threshold, she has panic attacks.

There was some early attention was on Dogio, and how to deal with the dog, but that discussion petered out pretty quick. I thought Katje @20 had the best counsel on that thread. Rough got some good attention, this is definitely PTSD, though I doubt the VA will pay for. NotHard engendered the most interest, and also a lot of hurt feelings as commenters misunderstand each other. Bi absolutely won this week by her volume, her incessant insults, her surety that her interpretations are always correct, and her inability to understand that constantly imitating bad behavior is bad behavior. Oh, and I earned a lot of hate from the usual suspects for my question to Griz last week.
May 16 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

It was my quip @132, but it's your point because you got it?
May 15 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.

Well, you get it.
May 15 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Potty mouth is not fixed by potty mouth.
May 14 Hunter78 commented on Savage Love.
Women always make men look bad.