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  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Monty Python's Quest for The Holy Grail
  • Vampire or Zombie
  • What helps you sleep?: sex
  • What keeps you up at night?: caffeine
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: head

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Mar 27 ariane commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Complicated Threesome.
@49 - it also helps make the lining of the uterus less hospitable to implantation, so it does help somewhat there, too.
Mar 27 ariane commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Complicated Threesome.
If Plan B is 95% effective at preventing pregnancy when taken within 24 hours so 5% get pregnant, but your odds of conception at 30 are only about 17% to begin with, I'm wondering if this only really cuts your odds by about 70% - still a huge reduction in risk and nice to have a back up, but not as good as people think. Or am I off on my math?

Side note, if ever involved in 3-way, males practice withdrawl...
Mar 25 ariane commented on Savage Love.
PAUSE: while the rhythm method and Natural Family Planning (NFP) have some serious drawbacks as it's pretty inflexible on how it treats a fairly high variability system, some tuning to get you into the realm of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) can get you into the high 90s for . If you are otherwise fluid bonded, having her take her temperature and check her cervical fluid and position can pretty easily highlight the 5-7 days per month of peak fertility where you should abstain from PIV or use another form of protection.

I use the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility ( in conjunction with a phone app called Fertility Friend to track my cycle - we were on the baby making side of things, but there are instructions for pregnancy prevention methodologies and as we are on a pause before trying again/more, we have continued to use tracking + condom during peak fertility and I'm not worried about getting pregnant. We will also likely continue this after the next pregnancy and avoid hormones as my system is pretty clear about my fertile times. Then again, We have been together for nearly a decade and another kid would be welcome, even if the timing is not ideal...

SfR - I'm sensitive to spermicide and the reaction is no bueno... very like a yeast infection. Itchy itchy! Glad your system is friendlier with it.
Mar 2 ariane commented on Anti-Gay Bigots Discover Surprising New Cure for Homosexuality.
@DenguyFL that is an amazing list.
Nov 6, 2014 ariane commented on SL Letter of the Day: Adventurous Parents.
My kid is 2 1/2 now but we had a bit of this going on a few years ago. Kids were discussed when my now husband and I were dating with conversations as in "I'd like to have kids at some point, you?" "yeah, eventually" and a few years later adding a time frame of "before I'm 30" which was punted slightly due to life crap.

When we were starting to get close to the timeframe for chucking the birth control, he spooked. Not that he didn't still want kids with me, but now was "too soon." Several very frustrating months of arguments about other stuff and we eventually drilled down to the fact that he wasn't sure if he would ever "feel ready" and a conversation with his brother who already had kids let him know that he might not feel ready, but he would be ready when it was time.

We did the same ringamarole before starting to try for the second, as yet pending, last year. While I agree that life is a lot more complicated with one kid, and I'm sure it will be worse with 2, that doesn't stop it from being an adventure. Our daughter has been hiking, to the beach, to museums, etc. and we have plans for Europe and Asia in the near future (those are pending timing of kid 2, though). It changes how hard you have to work, but a sitter/friend/family member for an evening and a hotel room can go a long way towards keeping the adventures.

Finally, my parents several times sent me off to stay with relatives for a week or more, and then when I was older there was overnight summer camps. I don't expect our adventures to stop just because we are parents, just have to work around naps and early bed times for a while!
Sep 9, 2014 ariane commented on SL Letter of the Day: You Can't Please Everybody.
umpteenth (female) voice for "I'm a feminist and I watch porn." My husband and I have watched together for years and I fairly regularly watch solo when I masturbate. My main concern with him is that my tastes are so much less vanilla that we sometimes have trouble finding something that we will both enjoy!
Apr 4, 2014 ariane commented on SL Letter of the Day: Resources and Support?.
bookmarking that link for later reference. My relatively vanilla spouse would likely not indulge me, but I'm OK with fantasy!
Feb 12, 2014 ariane commented on Giving Her a Giant Bear? Remember to Fuck First!.
^^ my thoughts except for "house." and I have much better ideas on how to spend $100 + shipping. Not impressed.
Jan 10, 2014 ariane commented on It May Soon Be Legal to Have a Gender Identity In Indiana—But Only If Evil Gay People Get Their Way.
dammit Indiana. >_< I really dislike when my state is doing shit like this.
Oct 25, 2013 ariane commented on Christian Couple Stiffs Young Gay Waiter and Call Him a Faggot—Because, You Know, God Is Love and Shit.
The version of the story that was floating around my FB feed (I grew up in Kansas City and lived in Overland Park for high school so still a number of friends there) had an addendum where other guests were coming in and specifically requesting that server's section to show support. Not all of that area is assholes!

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