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  • What keeps you up at night?: caffeine
  • What helps you sleep?: sex
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The sexist one with the boobs
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Apr 4 ariane commented on SL Letter of the Day: Resources and Support?.
bookmarking that link for later reference. My relatively vanilla spouse would likely not indulge me, but I'm OK with fantasy!
Feb 12 ariane commented on Giving Her a Giant Bear? Remember to Fuck First!.
^^ my thoughts except for "house." and I have much better ideas on how to spend $100 + shipping. Not impressed.
Jan 10 ariane commented on It May Soon Be Legal to Have a Gender Identity In Indiana—But Only If Evil Gay People Get Their Way.
dammit Indiana. >_< I really dislike when my state is doing shit like this.
Oct 25, 2013 ariane commented on Christian Couple Stiffs Young Gay Waiter and Call Him a Faggot—Because, You Know, God Is Love and Shit.
The version of the story that was floating around my FB feed (I grew up in Kansas City and lived in Overland Park for high school so still a number of friends there) had an addendum where other guests were coming in and specifically requesting that server's section to show support. Not all of that area is assholes!
Oct 23, 2013 ariane commented on Savage Love.
@ericap and @nocutename - thanks for the reminder... this is something that I'm still working on. Husband and I have different expectations for where to prioritize sex and house cleaning and cooking and work and this needs to go in my periodic file for "how to not fuck up so much" :-)

For GRIND - try talking. And with her libido lower than yours, you may need to recognize that if you want her to initiate, the price of admission (tm) is a couple of days without sex.
Jul 22, 2013 ariane commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Second Chance.
@34 - my solution to over lubrication (either natural, the bottled stuff, or a mix) is to grab a corner of the sheet or a discarded piece of clothing and wipe off when switching positions.

To the OP, I'll echo to please go to the doctor and get checked out. While I've occasionally bled after a night of rougher than usual sex, sporadic bleeding for MONTHS is a huge red flag (pun left intentionally). You should let him know the last time was no good and left you a bit skittish, but I have no idea if you should tell him you are one bad experience from being a virgin...
May 23, 2013 ariane commented on Great Moments In GOP Outreach to Women.
I wish we could let him carry a non-viable fetus through the last portion of the pregnancy. What a heartbreak for the mother, and to compound it by requiring her to finish it out? Thoughtless, insensitive, cruel, and inhumane.
Feb 28, 2013 ariane commented on Savage Love.
@132 - IPJ I was getting ready to point that out too. Its the 1 year cumulative risk of getting pregnant with poor condom use that winds up with a 15% pregnancy rate. Obviously things like breakage contribute to that, but so does 1) starting to put it on inside out, then flipping it, 2) doing a few insertive strokes, then putting it on 3) waiting too long to pull out post male orgasm and not holding the condom on at the base.

With the pill, there are fewer failure modes, but depending on the dosage and her body mass, they can be SUPER sensitive to being taken at the same time every day. Most pills are tested in clinical trials for women up to about 180lbs, so for women heavier than that, you may also not get the blood concentrations you need and not all doctors are very good at discussing this (2 friends had this issue: one had an abortion, one had a baby).
Feb 28, 2013 ariane commented on Savage Love.
I'll jump on the bandwagon with other posters about getting a prescription for HBC pills but not taking them until you are actually active unless there are other reasons (PMS, acne, etc). I'm 30 and have been on HBC mostly continuously since I was 16. It took a few tries but my doc and I found that I tolerate the triphasal kind fairly well, Depo not at all (I was a raving bitch the first week or two after each time and it depressed my drive), and my husband didn't care for the Nuvaring since he could feel it during sex and I could in some positions. I'm on the minipill right now since I'm still nursing, but it seems to be a LOT more sensitive to taking at the exact same time every day. We aren't ready for another kid yet, so even with the pill, we are using condoms to get that 99+% effectiveness!

I've got friends who have loved their IUDs, who have had no issues with Depo, or the implants have been fine.

Like many other people here, condoms no matter what, and I suggest starting with something you can easily switch if you react badly. Everybody and every body is different so be patient and enjoy!
Feb 5, 2013 ariane commented on It Looks Like an Exoskeleton.
I enjoyed as well, though the video @33 was more entertaining for me :-) I lean towards the lean and built, but while he is fun to look at, I didn't take the mental step of "want to do more than look at"...

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