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Feb 23, 2016 The Dopest commented on The Urban Archipelago.
Can it really have been 11.5 years ago that this was written? How is the fight going? Is the archipelago winning?

I guess the country did elect a black guy, legalize gay marriage and is on the path towards legalizing marijuana...
Feb 18, 2016 The Dopest commented on Doom-Metal Band Sumac Have Cancelled Their Feb. 20 Funhouse Show.
Total bummer. I saw them last year at the highline and it was fantastic. They were going to play some new songs, too. Just another reason to fear the totalitarian state of Canada, I guess.
Feb 10, 2016 The Dopest commented on Guest Editorial: Young Women Don't Owe Clinton.
Elizabeth Warren, first female president. It's coming.
Dec 17, 2015 The Dopest commented on Can We Talk, Bernie Sanders Supporters?.
I'm a realist in everything. I know I'll probably never have a net worth higher than my station, I know that our political system is incredibly corrupt and likely bribed and redistricted to the point that it's more likely to collapse than be repaired. I know that there's a not-negligible chance that I'll die within the next few years and that it's incredibly unlikely that there is a god or an afterlife. But if you can't hope and try then there's no point in living, so I donated to the Sanders campaign, applied moderate pressure on some friends to do the same, and will take down a pint of Evan Williams and not be too upset when he doesn't win the nomination.

tl;dr - realistic, but willing to hope.
Nov 18, 2015 The Dopest commented on We Saw You Watch a Woman Fall, Spit on a Woman Outside a Rock Club, and Make Espresso in a Bikini.
Still loving the heck out of this column. I keep thinking one day I'll read about myself in it. But then again, my antics are even less noteworthy than is generally remarked upon in We Saw You.
Nov 13, 2015 The Dopest commented on The Gum Wall Always Reminds Me of a Painful Thing I Did to My Mother Many Years Ago.
Great story. You's a bunch of meanie heads @4, 3, 1.
Nov 6, 2015 The Dopest commented on I, Anonymous.
Eh, fuck this guy. He would rather have kept the old system so that small grow ops could keep him stocked with cheap weed. The old system sent us to jail for participating in that same weed if we were too scrupulous to fake an injury to receive a medical card.

He'd rather see us in jail than pay more for his weed. Not very chill, my bro.
Nov 5, 2015 The Dopest commented on In Defense of the Gum Wall.
Eh... I applaud any and all attacks on Charles, but this post reads like something I wrote for the college newspaper back in the day.
Nov 5, 2015 The Dopest commented on Bernie Sanders's Pot Legalization Bill Is Another Example of Why We Need Him in This Race.
Uh... genius way to get the youth out to vote for you in the primaries.
Oct 7, 2015 The Dopest commented on We Saw You Smuggling a Dog, Heavy-Metal Dancing, and Stumbling Drunkenly Into the Night.
Love this column. Love the Tweakers' Junction sign, would absolutely give the benefit of the doubt that its creator has observed meth heads and is not making assumptions, just as I refer to the bike path north of Melrose as Heroin Alley despite the fact that not all of its inhabitants are necessarily users of opioid derivatives (it's pretty littered with syringes, caps and other paraphenalia)