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8:33 AM yesterday John In Ballard commented on Stop Grabbing Things! This Women's Empowerment Campaign Is Well-Intentioned But Misses the Mark.
I read the phrase "Grab them by the Brain" as a form of engaging with women intellectually. It's a way of saying instead of assaulting women physically, try talking to them instead. Did I interpret this all wrong?
Sep 13 John In Ballard commented on Trump Supporters Threaten Muslim Woman Living in Lacey.
Not so subtle way for these asshole to end their call; with a "Call U Next Tuesday".
Dec 18, 2015 John In Ballard commented on The Top 10 Albums, Songs, and Everything Else from the Year in Music 2015.
Remember when the Stranger used to have a music editor and would regularly post about music on Slog? Ah, those were the days. It's interesting to me that one of the two female music editors that the stranger ran off this year actually wrote the pitchfork review for your number one album of the year, and yet they still weren't good enough to write about music for the Stranger?

Also not surprised to see Telekinesis make the top ten, considering Sean Nelson wrote the liner notes for that album. I guess it would be a surprise if it DIDN'T show up on this list.
Aug 25, 2015 John In Ballard commented on That Washington State Law I May Have Broken Might Be Unconstitutional.
This is not a "selfie", it's a photograph. Unless of course the ballot somehow took a picture of itself.
Apr 9, 2015 John In Ballard commented on Senate Republicans Cut KEXP's New Home from Budget, Democrat Adds It Back in at Only Half the Money Needed.
To add to what bluelaser already mentioned which is all very true, KEXP also relies heavily on volunteers who donate a TON of time and services in a variety of ways to the station. Year round too, not just answering phones during the pledge drives. I'm skeptical that they could find that much volunteer support if they were located somewhere like Yakima.

The major reason for having the station at the Seattle Center; for 1 it's much larger than where they are now. Like 3-4 times larger probably. Secondly, they want to open the station up to the community and make the hundreds of in-studio performances they host every year open to the public at no cost. Maybe some people would still show up to these performances if they were located in Kent or Edmonds, but probably not many. It's about providing a benefit to the community.
Mar 3, 2015 John In Ballard commented on The Worst Thing About The Last Man on Earth Is That I Can't Watch All of It Immediately, Right Now.
Loved the first two episodes. Wasn't sure at the beginning how long this premise could last, but now I can see it could have legs and am optimistic about where it will go.

Regarding your desire for another MacGruber film, according to this recent article, it is tentatively in the works:…

"That’s right, true believers: An outline is in the works, the cast is down to return, and Forte and Taccone are clearly giddy about expanding the MacGruber universe. It’s just a matter of when Forte has time to work on a script. Right now, he’s hoping The Last Man on Earth gets renewed for a second season, after which he’ll tackle MacGruber 2. But if Last Man gets only one season, and somebody decides to finance these maniacs, we could be seeing MacGruber thrusting vigorously into Vicki St. Elmo a little sooner."
Feb 20, 2015 John In Ballard commented on Previously on The Bachelor (Part Two): Chris Weirds Out Everyone's Families, Jade's Huge Damning Secret.
I don't care at all about this dumb show, but I still enjoy reading these reviews quite a bit. Thanks Emily!
Sep 25, 2014 John In Ballard commented on The Song of the Day Is Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American".
Don't listen to these people Emily, I'm with you! Clarity was always my favorite of their albums, but listening to Bleed American earlier this summer it still holds up too.
Apr 24, 2014 John In Ballard commented on I Don't Have a Gun Or a Vagina.
I've heard of women putting sex pistols up there, but never real ones.
Feb 22, 2014 John In Ballard commented on Rainier Beach Produces As Many NBA Players "as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx Combined.".
@12 I didn't forget about Terrance WIlliams; I always liked him as a player and thought he should still be in the league, but he's been in the D league for a few years and Siva played on the Pistons as recently as last month. He's on assignment with a D-league team, but he's still getting paid by the Pistons, so that's why I counted him and not Williams, but we can call it 2.5 each.

I actually looked up NBA players from those NYC boroughs because I didn't think that stat (those boroughs only having 2 nba players) was accurate, but it is. Mostly because the Jazz cut Jamal Tinsley in Nov. and Russ Smith stayed at Louisville another year. Also because Sebastian Telfair and his cousin Steph Marbury are out of the league now.
There are more NBA players from some of the other boroughs too though; Kemba Walker from Harlem, Ron Artest from Queens, Ben Gordon from Mt. Vernon.

@16 -Tacky is right, Isaiah Thomas went to Curtis and I think Avery Bradley went to Bellarmine before he transfered to Findley Prep in Vegas for his senior year. I can't think of other Seattle area H.S.'s with active players. Snohomish had Jon Brockman but I haven't seen him on a roster in a few years.