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Jun 30, 2011 CitizenShip commented on No Kalebu Verdict Today (And What That Might Mean).
4) they want to digest another day of jury duty pay.
Jun 24, 2011 CitizenShip commented on Honor the Treaties.
Hey Robot Ghost, not all tribes were nomadic in the sense I believe you might be thinking. Here on the NW coast tribes lived in longhouses, the walls and roofs of which could be transported from summer to winter villages where permanent base structures were erected.
They don't live backwards with regard to technology in any sense. I've never seen a native person wearing cedar clothing, or living in a long house, or in tipis.
And they did own the land, as well as the buffalo on it. Here on the NW coast heads of lineages owned the rights to land and the resources on it. Sometimes they would share with others to provide and thereby gaining prominence. Ownership of land can be learned of if you read about the function of placenames and oral history. I say history because that's what it is, the human mind is much better at remembering oral narrative, because it invokes emotion, than it is at remembering written word which does not emote.

You are super right about one thing you've written though. Many reservations are pointless where there is nothing to sustain a population on or build industry around, and for that reason many reservations are welfare states.
However, there are others, specifically here on the NW coast, which are very valuable for bottom fishing, halibut fishing, salmon and steelhead of course, and for forest resources. You see, it's here where the settler government couldn't push tribes any further away from white settlers. So Isaac Stevens let many tribes choose their land, and the treaties gave access to their traditional and accustomed hunting and gathering land.

We aren't honoring those treaties right now.
Jun 1, 2011 CitizenShip commented on School Board Votes to Allow City to Take Over School Ethics Investigations.
I guess I'm a lil confused. What kind of ethics are we talking about?
Apr 6, 2011 CitizenShip commented on For Your Curious Teen: The Art of Seduction and Washington's Budget Process Explained.
Neil I'm glad you linked your slog profile to your personal website. You should call the Bus for some web development advice.

Anonymurph does Neal have any substance in his arguments though? Nah!

The Bus has only one sponsor - They are ALL people. AWESOME people.

There is more alcohol in many of our legislators than in a Shot of Oly - or Alex. And you're certainly not asking them to be responsible

As for substance - trust the Bus when they say go to the Washington Budget Policy Center for budget information. AND
Alex said the budget matters to all residents and what the budget funds (see 1min-1:15). He said what it is abstractly and the work of advocacy staff and volunteers that constitutes it and which is re-appropriated, or not as the case may be (1:20-1:38). Further, they relate it to the transitive property, so it's educational (1:43-1:55).

Then Alex tells you what to do about it. Get involved contact your legislators. Because the budget isn't [see clip: 49-55].

Last word, the joke they use is a paronomasia - according to Wikipedia, that's fancy for a pun or word play and shit. Olympia Beer is just a joke on Olympia, WA - our state seat of government.
Mar 16, 2011 CitizenShip commented on Stop the Insanity.
FINALLY! I've already got 15 signatures.
Mar 2, 2011 CitizenShip commented on Hi, Pai's.
Pai's is sooooo good. I love their thuli thuli chicken and green papaiya salad. Mmm, I never leave hungry, but always want more :p
Sep 8, 2010 CitizenShip commented on Tax the Filthy Rich!.
-Too much of a burden already
93% of businesses will no longer have to pay a B&O tax, in case you're wondering that's the percent of businesses that typically don't post a significant profit.
In addition, those small business owners, doctors, and lawyers will get a 20% state property tax REDUCTION on ALL their homes.
And if they send their children to public schools, their children will experience an increase in the quality of education.
If anyone is carrying too much of the burden surely you can agree it is the 63% of Washington families paying between 8 and 18% of their income into state taxes.
May 10, 2010 CitizenShip commented on To Be or Not to Be?.
"A 2005 article in Psychiatric News says some jumpers aren't necessarily depressed or chronic suicide attempters—sometimes people are simply overwhelmed by a sudden desire to leap"

Everytime I'm at a mariners game at sitting in the nosebleeds I wonder about what it'd be like to jump.
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