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May 10, 2010 Commander Ogg commented on Did Q-13 Fox Suppress Police Brutality Video?.
As an armed security guard at a military installation, my job is similar to a police officer (but not as stressful). It gives me the authority under the color of law to engage in activity's that under normal circumstances would be considered a felony (If I pull someone to the side and detain them against their will because of questions about their ID, I better have a damn good reason. If I did that as a Civilian, I could be charged with kidnapping!)

The power we as a society invest in our law enforcement apparatus is astounding, and yet until recently we feared very little in the way of a Pakistan or Iranian style secret police arresting or assulting us without cause. When the the Bush administration took power 10 years ago and began arresting citizens without charge and torturing them, the creeping authoritarianism began. WE NOW SEE THE RESULTS.

So far it is only those other people who have been brutalized, so maybe Q-13 figured that Mr. John Q. Citizen does not care what happens to Juan Q. Citizen. This is a major mistake.
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