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Dec 29, 2016 jeffy commented on White Nationalist Lands $250,000 Book Deal.
Milo is just what gays need now. The PC left is stifling. Even in The Stranger, everything is processed through a gender/feminist studies filter. I hope the new left ends up looking more like what the left gave us in the 60's.
Dec 7, 2016 jeffy commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
As I remember, there was another asshole in the equation that killer the commons. Mike Siegel, the right wing talk show host who harped on horrors of the commons daily.
Dec 6, 2016 jeffy commented on Fatalities In The War On Cars Are Never In Cars.
Studies have shown women are never responsible for being raped, but I'd recommend they not walk down dark alleys at night anyway.

Milo rocks.
Jul 10, 2016 jeffy commented on Five Concrete Things You Can Do to Make Black Lives Matter.
This works wonders
1) Fall in love
2) get married
3) have children you can afford
4) set a good example for them
Nov 12, 2015 jeffy commented on Why I Won't Write a Review of Suffragette.
I saw a film about Vikings and there wasn't one African American. I was so offended.
Oct 12, 2015 jeffy commented on What's the Right Way to Observe Columbus Day?.
I didn't know indigenous people (tribes) killed each other. I couldn't possibility celebrate indigenous day.
Oct 12, 2015 jeffy commented on Patient Protesters Shed Light on Medical Debt's Vicious Cycle.
I can't get past the, woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis goes on to have three kids. Why?
Sep 10, 2015 jeffy commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
Schmader and his sucky PC filtered Last Days column is so bad and childish. This is better, but just get rid of this. It's getting old and stale.
Sep 8, 2015 jeffy commented on Hey Parents, Here's What You Need to Know About the Teachers' Strike (Hint: It’s the Legislature’s Fault).
Of course it's not the teachers. Th is the Stranger. Yawn.