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Nov 8, 2012 Wier Harman commented on Krugman Hits This One Out of the Park.
"Socialism now means... the basic components for any society to function." Nice work, Charles--that's how I'm going to win the Thanksgiving table with my (Southern) VA relatives. Wish me luck.
Nov 5, 2011 Wier Harman commented on Happy Bank Transfer Day!.
@66, B of A has been at the industry's leading edge of credit card interest rates and imaginative new fee justifications for its clients for a decade+ now. The retraction of the recent $5 debit charge is about people finally noticing the lack of correlation between new services and new fees.

The 'specific moral reasons' are that Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, and all these other hybrid retail bank/investment bank/hifalutin' pit bosses were at the very center of the national/global economic collapse three years ago. And to many, it looks like the only folks who have truly thrived after the collapse are the very people who brought on the collapse.

I can be more specific, and certainly there's a longer-view conversation about crazily-out-of-whack income disparity generally in our society, but I think that's why people who are otherwise happy with a big bank might be moving their money right now.
Nov 5, 2011 Wier Harman commented on Happy Bank Transfer Day!.
Dearest Sugartit, @62 and everywhere else--
I've kinda lost track, after so much scattershot invective, but in no particular order:

We (me'n'my wife, not the Royal) are diversified, mortgaged, have kids, stocks, ROTHs, two just-fine salaries, travel plenty, even international... I think I meet your various standards of 'maturity'.

The move to BECU years ago now was easy, and has been awesome. Service is great, advice fine. (But if you're such a bigpants, your money guy isn't a retail banker. Right?)

But most importantly, and completely unaddressed in your doublewide contributions to this thread, THESE AREN'T THE D*BAGS WHO TANKED THE WORLD ECONOMY WITH THEIR CASINO-INSPIRED NONSENSE. That is what moving your money, and today, is about. And it's why we were grateful for the pretext to finally off Chase completely. (Not bs-ing you, we moved here from NYC six years ago and still have/had varying degrees of unfinished business with both Chase and Citi.)

When you're finished tugging Jamie Dimon--I hear he can take a while--I'll be interested in your reflections on the macro.
May 8, 2011 Wier Harman commented on Guess What Arrived in Today's Mail?.
"Media interested in interviewing Jerome Corsi beginning next Tuesday when his book is officially released should email media@wnd.com."

Go get 'im, Tiger.
Oct 4, 2010 Wier Harman commented on Reading Today: Right-Wing Radicals Are America's Taliban.
I was at Kos' talk--and his point was that the social objectives of America's religious right and the Taliban are eerily aligned, not their tactics... ("But at least we don't behead people", he argues, is a stone's throw from picnicking at lynchings--common practice as recently as 70 years ago...

In his view, (and I'll continue to inadequately paraphrase) it is our "nation of-laws"-ness is that separates us from the worst impulses of our homegrown Taliban, who STILL manage to fly planes into IRS buildings every now and again...
Sep 24, 2010 Wier Harman commented on Bar Exam.
I've been twice now--drinks have been extraordinary (badass barman Justin has moved down the hill from the Hideout), food has been mixed to great (flavorful if overset polenta, truly fantastic meatballs and marinara). And set aside any fears that this is an ersatz hipster spot: 5 days in and I saw two different dressy septuagenarian couples, two guys in suits cooking up something downtown-ishly sinister, and a hipster couple on the food side; and a collection of barflies, folks waiting on the 60, and an afterwork party of likely Virginia Mason-types on the drink... In short, a perfectly representative slice of First Hill. I'll be back. Maybe in about 30...
May 12, 2010 Wier Harman commented on It's Easy to Help Town Hall.
@10 "Plucky breezy and nautical" was not intended to offend anybody--seems like Gus got that, so I'm holding myself harmless.

Gonna check out now--in truth all the sites are pretty fantastic (@5 Washington Hall is going to be amazing when it comes online)...

A list of TH's own extensive stuff for kids/families is for another time... Whatever motivates your vote--or floats your boat--thanks for caring enough to engage with this campaign...
May 12, 2010 Wier Harman commented on It's Easy to Help Town Hall.
Rookie mistake--I corrected, and somehow it didn't go--I meant to say "By most standards" we're considered a small organization... There're smaller, to be sure--but believe me we get by on resourcefulness, not because of a deep Rolodex.

I also tried to call out the 'impact'--windows not crashed to ground, walls no longer limey and leaking...
May 12, 2010 Wier Harman joined My Stranger Face
May 12, 2010 Wier Harman commented on It's Easy to Help Town Hall.
Bad form to respond from the inside on a thread like this, but here goes...

Don't overestimate TH's resources (8 full timers, a dozen great part timers on events and 50 or so awesome volunteers) made 340 things happen in this building for 100,000 people last year, on a budget well south of $1 million. We're stable--but we're a decidedly small organization.

And don't UNDERestimate the resources of that Schooner, Gloomy. They may seem all plucky and breezy and nautical, but they play tough! (You either, Lens1)...

In sum, if we get this money you will see the impact in the next three months--if we don't, we've got some real scrambling to do to shore up this building for next season...