Feb 9 biffp commented on Republican Congressman Dave Reichert Is Hiding from His Constituents.
Agree with @10, there's hardly a word Reinhart in this whole article. Why should Reinhart give you dems your way when you refuse to even write his(?) name?
Dec 3, 2015 biffp commented on Timeline: Bertha's Two-Year Nightmare Before Christmas.
If they can get it started again, I'm sure it will get just far enough to argue they have to finish whatever the cost. Two years wasn't enough time to compare the tunnel and surface option on cost and ability to finish? Makes sense to make sure to keep the legal options open, but not at the exclusion of re-evaluating whether the tunnel will be finished. Having lived in Boston during the big dig, I hope they leveraged some learning from that project.
Oct 29, 2015 biffp commented on Billy on the Street Bros Out on the Street!.
Did anyone post Bob Dylan or anal?

Oct 29, 2015 biffp commented on Billy on the Street Bros Out on the Street!.
Fuck yeah, bro. Yeah, boy, crushed it, bro.
Oct 28, 2015 biffp commented on Billy on the Street Bros Out on the Street!.
+1, "for a dollar, did you crush it or kill it in 2013?"
Sep 30, 2015 biffp commented on We Saw You Sleeping While Standing, Playing Your Music Too Loud, Touching Your Penis, and Protecting the Chinese President (Hot!).
Hope that person found their AA meeting. Ryan Adams' remake of 1989 is totally worthwhile. His version of Shake It Off is such a different experience.
Sep 29, 2015 biffp commented on We Saw You Have Sex on the Beach, Text About Drugs, and Eat Pizza While Cycling.
This is old-school Stranger editing (i.e., no editing). If Pepe Le Pew is the pervert who takes pictures at Seattle Center, I'm excited to hear he's in town - can't wait to catch up.
Sep 10, 2015 biffp commented on Blame the Billionaires, Not the Teachers.
State income tax makes sense. Who in the state legislature is prepared to propose it? Maybe move beyond the Gates as big guy storyline to the real meat of this story.
Sep 9, 2015 biffp commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
+1, entertaining - although Palin jokes pretty much write themselves.
Aug 31, 2015 biffp commented on I Can't Deal With "Downtown" Either, but Can We Talk About Macklemore with a Bit of Nuance?.
It's cute, and Kool Moe Dee and Eric Nally were great. Who would think Spokane could be cool?