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I am a PRO-SOUTH constitutional Christian I firmly believe in STATES RIGHTS as defined in… more »

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First of all, the heart of the author of this article, is so lacking in virtue that in battle, it wouldn't surprise me if he wouldn't be the first to receive a bullet in the head. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh." He is no leader of any cause, truly a wicked man.
The 13th amendment freed the slaves, not Lincoln.
The 14th amendment created a Corporation out of the United States. We ALL became SLAVES because of it.
Our Nation, today, is not a socialistic or Communistic government, but a combination of both and it is now governed by what is called "corporatism" This far greater a threat than any our Constitution has to deal with. It is ruthless and it's scope is world-wide... It's buSINess as usual... Only POWER matters and what they can STEAL from everyone...
The cause of the SOUTH is the cause of us ALL!!
The South was the only Consitutional government this country ever had and Lincoln knew it, that is why he INVADED the South.
Lincoln was the beginning of the end of this Republic's Constitution. He was no hero...
I feel for the subdued and truly lost North.
They believe everything they are told, especially those packed in sardine can, multi-level hi-rise communities who have absolutely nothing and can not live without the government or they will certainly parish. There is only SLAVERY for them...You must DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!!
In corporatism, it is CHEAPER to kill a million than to support them!!! That is BuSINess!!!
That is why they allow the Mexicans and Muslims in, so we can save them the trouble of being active in thinning the crop.
Now, if we turn our attention to not only those two groups but, the Corporate elite, the real source of all our problems, FREEDOM from Government control will be ours and our Constitution restored.