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Apr 1, 2014 Salmon commented on Do It For Denmark.
@9 — It's actually sort of the opposite though. Generally the poorer the country (and higher the mortality rate) the higher the birthrate. Denmark is an extremely prosperous country with a huge social safety net, both in terms of health and welfare. Considering there are already too many people in the world as it is, we need to work on helping other, poorer countries develop societies that serve and protect their citizens so that they too don't feel the pressing need to have enormous families.
Mar 6, 2014 Salmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: About a Boy.
Here's an idea — Do you think Bisexual people would be out more if there was a better alternative than the word Bisexual? By that I mean, how one can identify as either Gay or as Homosexual. How many people really say "I'm homosexual" anymore?

Considering there was a study years ago that found that people accepted gay equality and gay social justice more if it used the word Gay rather than Homosexual, I think the word Bisexual is similarly loaded. (Maybe when straight people hear "Gay" they think of a person, and when they hear "homosexual" they think of sex acts and get squeamish?)

Bi is an okay alternative, but a little too oblique I think, especially in verbal language.
Feb 18, 2013 Salmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pretty in Pictures.
@22: yeah, I was actually about to call BS about the lack of USA goals, since they've had a solid run of form lately, but then I remembered this was written in 2006. We crashed out of the World Cup in the first round, despite a win over Italy thanks to Clint Dempsey, so yeah, we kinda sucked in 2006...
Feb 18, 2013 Salmon updated the link to his or her website.
Jan 3, 2013 Salmon commented on The Blue Danube.
@7: Those ballerinas are essentially athletes, and their bodies reflect that. Nothing wrong with athletic bodies. Even if you did find it wrong, you could just point it out to your child without shutting it off. Leaping to the "Off" switch in desperation every time skinny people show on on screen is going to give him very strange messages indeed.
Feb 9, 2012 Salmon commented on "The law at the time required a prosecution.".
@32: I was logging into the comments section to mention just that.

The House of Lords aren't simply being obstinate in this case, they're making it clear that they don't want to whitewash what they themselves point out is a shameful episode in Britain's legal history. It's better to learn from the unjust past than to have some damnatio memoriae and hope no one figures out that intolerance ever existed in society.
Dec 26, 2011 Salmon commented on "You Scumbag, You Maggot, You Cheap Lousy Faggot—Happy Christmas Your Ass, I Pray It's Our Last!".
Happy Christmas from Dublin here, just got back from the pub, actually, and if there's one song that's guaranteed to stop everyone dead i their tracks and get people to sing along around Christmastime, it's this one.

That said, I find it so hard to look at Shane McGowan, he has so utter destroyed himself his whole life, it's amazing he's still ticking...
Dec 19, 2011 Salmon commented on Speaking of Capitalism Sans Democracy.
While I overall agree with this post, there are a couple of minor technicalities:

Saudi Arabia isn't really Sharia law, it's Wahabbism (not much better, obviously.) Strict Sharia law also has laws against "Usury" that prevent traditional Capitalist practices like interest rates, investment banking, etc. So Capitalism and Sharia wouldn't get along well in the strictest sense, but Capitalism and religious fanaticism seem to strangely coexist rather well in most cases.
Dec 1, 2011 Salmon commented on Der Spiegel on GOP Field: "Liars, cheaters, adulterers, exaggerators, hypocrites and ignoramuses.".
I'm actually astonished at how much xenophobic anti-European idiocy is on display here (not to mention historical revisionism: The USSR won the European theatre of WWII, sacrificed the most lives and took Berlin. Reagan didn't liberate anything other than Central America from its democracy — the USSR and Eastern Bloc collapsed mainly due to internal socio-economic pressures and its energy infrastructure, along with corrupt leadership. Reagan didn't do much other than make a blustering speech in Berlin)

Yes, foreign newspapers report on the internal politics of the most powerful country on Earth. Yes, it's everyone's business how the American government behaves because that's the difference between diplomatic/trade relations and getting blown up in Predator strikes.

And by the way, sanctimonious xenophobes like @2, the inner workings of foreign governments are frequently discussed in American newspapers as well, and are frequently judged (not as if any US newspaper has a neutral view on North Korea, nor should they.) Maybe if more people like you read newspapers, or if you got a passport and went on a trip outside of the USA for once, you'd broaden your view of the world.

Sigh, rant over.
Aug 16, 2011 Salmon commented on Case Closed: Bisexual Men Exist!.
Another good thing about being an advocate of science: Even though to me, this study merely confirms what I've felt within myself (as a bi guy), I'm glad that it is something under scientific scrutiny so that the human race at large can strive for empirical evidence, rather than if I just evangelized about my internal experiences to the point of exasperation.

Obviously in the absence of research on a topic such as this, I prefer people to give the benefit of the doubt (Even if one is skeptical of the aforementioned cases of mistaken bi identity, what harm does it do? Why get angry at someone who says they're bi but they're just kidding themselves? They're already identifying themselves within a minority sexuality. The only avenue for anger that I can see as at all legit would be if a guy claimed to be bi, seemed to favor men, but only ever entered long term relationships with women. That would indicate PERHAPS self-loathing about sexuality, but not definitely)

Rant over!