Not enough like Twitter.

4:17 PM agony commented on Caitlyn Jenner Debuts On the Cover of Vanity Fair.
@ 5 1 their positions on LGBT people are not the only reason Republicans are wrong, and not the only way they hurt people - just try to get an abortion in Texas and get back to me. Even if they completely reversed their stance on LGBT issues, they'd still be everything a person with any human decency could not support.
Apr 22 agony commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Medievalist Schools Dan On Medieval Attitudes Toward Sex.
So can we get some suggestions for a book or two that an uneducated slob like me could read? Are Corey Robin's books reasonably accessible?
Apr 21 agony commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Didn't Tell Him About Her Abortion When He Asked—But Did He Ask the Right Question?.
Oh - and chronic truth tellers don't tie themselves into knots trying to justify having a little personal privacy. My guess is that she's not a chronic truth teller, but a chronic worrier about being caught lying.

There's nothing wrong with that, but she's not a sixteen year old kid - it's time for her self image to start being a little closer to reality - especially if she's thinking of having kids. It's hard enough being a parent (probably a single parent) without having to wade through swamps of self deception.
Apr 21 agony commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Didn't Tell Him About Her Abortion When He Asked—But Did He Ask the Right Question?.
All I can think, here, is that I really don't want this woman to have a baby right now and keep it. 'Cause a baby needs more than wishful thinking and agonized self analysis from a parent.

Hon, instead of spending all this mental energy on twisting yourself into knots about what you should say, think instead about why you are taking stupid risks with your birth control, and your disease prevention. All this song and dance is distracting you from the real questions, which are "What am I doing? Why am I doing it? What do I want? Is the path I'm taking a reasonable one toward what I want?"

Stop beating yourself up over repeating reckless behaviour, and actually look at what you're getting out of that reckless behaviour - you're getting something, or you wouldn't be doing it. However, what you're getting might not be in your own best interests.

And please, don't have a baby until until the thought of the baby's best interests have at least a place at the table, even if you can't give them primacy.
Apr 4 agony commented on New A&E Show About Ambushing, Shaming, Lying About Sex Workers.
@10 Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Years ago I worked with a hooker, waitressing in a small restaurant. She was thinking of getting out of the life, got herself a straight job. She quit after two weeks - she was working a lot harder, taking just as much shit from the customers, and making terrible money.

Sex work is, first, work - a job.
Mar 30 agony commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Our Lady of the Slots.
Yeah, she wants money in some way. Maybe she's a sex worker, maybe she's setting you up for some scam, but somehow some way, it's about money.
Mar 9 agony commented on Why It Is Easy to Hate the Poor.
I feel like, as someone not from Seattle, I don't know the background here - is there an issue with chicken bones on the bus there?

At any rate, I associate littering with the middle and upper class. With people who have never had a job cleaning up someone else's personal waste. That Salvadoran woman, referenced above, picking the gum out of the urinal - she doesn't litter. And neither do I, because I've had to clean up after slobs who figure it's someone else's job.
Mar 9 agony commented on Unpacking Ben Carson's Remarks on CNN.
I thought you were great.

I also thought it was your bathrobe, sorry.
Mar 6 agony commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Quick Hits.
LW 1 - I dunno, Dan, I think your mail gives you an unrealistic idea about how most people feel about extra-curricular sexual activity. He brings this up with his wife, she's going to go ballistic.

Over in Hax today, there was a guy getting the occasional happy ending massage, and his girlfriend found out. I suggested (in the comments) that they use this upset as an opportunity to talk about their sexual needs and how they are being met, and you would have thought I suggested she shoot herself in the head. Nothing to talk about, he's a scumbag, case closed. What's the matter with me for not being outraged at those poor exploited women and he's going to come home with an STI. And so on.

Any outside contact, including porn, is still seen by most people as a relationship ender, even if all you're doing is thinking about it.
Mar 5 agony commented on My Earlier Post About Ben Carson Inspired an Email Exchange With an Incensed Reader of a Different Website.
@ 20 - I thought that was just Dan getting into the spirit of things.....

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