Yeah, I'm from the south you yankee piece of shit And I'm a liberal, and… more »

Feb 19, 2011 jomama commented on Dear Science.
Well, here is a person admitting they don't know everything and asking for knowledge being attacked for not already possessing that knowledge. Shame on you all.
May 20, 2010 jomama commented on Fuck the South.
After years of reading The Stranger and Savage online, you have finally gotten me to register. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I am from Texas. Which is part of the south. And yes, we have some crazies here. DO NOT PRESUME TO JUDGE ME. DO NOT PRESUME TO JUDGE THE SOUTH. There are good people here. Educated people People working to advance this country and all the good it stands for, including womens, immigrant, and gay rights. I am tired of all the bigots treating us like idiots based on the actions of the extremists. Me and other like-minded individuals work hard to create a liberal, open environment for all to live in in this great state of ours. Your generalizations do a disservice to all of us. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
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