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Danrilor Fighting the good fight all damn night.
Aug 11, 2011 Danrilor commented on Control Tower.
Well Said MM. Well Said. This nation was built on a rational foundation that has grown over with the mold, mildew, and brambles of fundimentalist beliefs in the name of returning to a "tradition" that never existed. For all the steps forward we have made since the constitution was radified there are those who would throw us back to the Magna Carta in the name of this tradition. This last thing will go the way of all the others. It probably should have decades ago. The fact that it has not says a great deal about the power of the puritanical thought that we have such difficulty shaking off.
Jun 4, 2011 Danrilor commented on Savage Love.
Not everybody is cut out to be a father. Someone so self-centered that they would actualy leave their family because they haven't had sex in about an hour is one of those. In this kid's case, losing said father might be addition by subtraction.
Jun 4, 2011 Danrilor commented on Control Tower.
For some unknown reason this column reminded me of my days in the Army, during which a superior officer stumbled into one of our typical breakdowns of organization and screamed at the top of his lungs "WHO'S IN CHARGE OF THIS GOAT-
FUCK?!" I think that MM missed her true calling by not enlisting.
Jun 4, 2011 Danrilor commented on I Was There When Acid House Hit London and This Is How It Felt.
Why would I give a crap what Muede was doing in 1988? I don't even care what I was doing in 1988.I guess this has stopped being a newspaper and just become a paper.
Feb 26, 2011 Danrilor commented on Control Tower.
Well, aren't we lucky that the comic book convention is coming into town next week :) Ahhhh... kismet.
Jan 12, 2011 Danrilor commented on Control Tower.
It must be very embarassing to admit that you have a fantasy about being raped, but it is even more difficult to admit that what gets you going is being the rapist. It isn't going to get you many second dates if you bring it up on the first one. Not only that, such a man or woman that holds the same attitude as this woman has - it can't be "real" unless she/he doesn't want it - goes beyond being bothersome and becomes truly dangerous. I think that this, too, is what is really bothering MM about this coversation.
Dec 30, 2010 Danrilor commented on How to Be a Father.
Your children will only not return your love if you are as emotionally retarded as the guy who wrote this article. When it comes to children, you really do reap what you sow. This fucking guy works in a moral universe where only something that is effective (or "useful") has any value, and treats his children as such under the flawed premise that everyone in the world shares his perspective. Any parent that treats their child like a tool will end up with a tool.
Dec 15, 2010 Danrilor commented on Control Tower.
I'll do it. Give me a call, ladies. I aim to please. :)
Dec 6, 2010 Danrilor commented on Control Tower.
Hell,if these couples think that it is tough out there they should try being single sometime, or just your standard issue cheating piece of shit husband. Yet, in the end, everybody gets laid eventually if they lower their standards to increase their average. Why does everybody have to look for the unattainable? I think that there is a column in that, MM.
Dec 6, 2010 Danrilor commented on Public Editor.
Cartman does not understand enough about Seattle to understand that this column is only written ironically.