Feb 3, 2015 Anne X commented on The Mysteries of Seattle's New-to-Town Tech Workers.
It's persistently irritating to see reporters and commentators endlessly regurgitating the idea that more development in this city will somehow result in more affordable rents. This supply-and-demand theory on paper seems simple enough, but the reality is that what's driving the rents up looks to be a complex stew of factors that include building costs, cost of living, developer/landlord greed, an influx of people who earn far beyond the median income and thus have no personal stake in preserving affordable rent... And what needs emphasizing is that what Seattle now considers "affordable" rent has basically doubled or trebled in the last ten years, while the earnings of the working-class, lower-middle-class, and poor people who desperately need that affordable housing (and whose work and cultural contributions enrich the city far out of proportion to their collectively modest incomes) have not substantively changed in that same period.
Jan 31, 2015 Anne X commented on FBI Is Now Involved in Review of Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, at SPD's Request.
Hey Ansel - if #31 is correct, I would really love to read an investigative feature on that one....
Sep 11, 2014 Anne X commented on A Man Fell From This Makeshift Homeless Encampment and Died.
Thank you, Dominic, for reporting on this issue, and I hope you pursue it further. Sally Clark and Ed Murray's dishonest rhetoric around the City practice of harassing homeless camps out of existence is horrifying. Giving lip service to the (totally laudable, presently not possible) goal of "housing for all" and then pretending that goal is somehow incompatible with the simpler, intermediary benchmark of "condoning, monitoring, and improving large community encampments" is hugely disingenuous. And the resulting official harassment endangers and victimizes people who have already fallen off the bottom fucking rung of our social ladder. No one on the council or in the mayor's office will come out and say "Look, visible homelessness and poverty simply can't be a factor in the rich people's playground we need Seattle to fully become," but I can't imagine that's not a major part of their reasoning.
Oct 29, 2013 Anne X commented on Anybody Ever Been to Tucson?.
I second the Bicas and Bisbee recommendations! Also, finding someone fun to take you spelunking is a good time. Desert adventures! Plus, Biosphere 2 is right outside Tucson.
Mar 15, 2013 Anne X commented on Shut Down: Seattle Tofu Company and Restaurant Had "Rodents (Live and Dead) and Rodent Feces in the Processing Facility," Among Other Horrors.
Oh dear. Lesson learned: Next time, I'm gonna check and see how many pigeons are perched on a place's exposed soaking vats before giving it the public thumbs-up.
Dec 9, 2012 Anne X commented on Watch Couples Marry at City Hall.
@30, thanks! That was Orkestar Zirkonium - we're so glad we got to play for some of the happy couples as they descended the staircase. This is a wonderful day, albeit far too long in coming.
Oct 26, 2012 Anne X commented on Today's Chicks For Rob Rally.
I really hope The Stranger will be sending this excellent crack team of *ladies* out to report on further future right-wing-women-oriented political gatherings. . . .
Aug 29, 2012 Anne X commented on Meet the Only Seattle Library Operating This Week: The People's Library.
gloomy gus @1: Totally! Seattle needs a Bo Odyssey bat-signal for situations like these. . . .
Jul 6, 2012 Anne X commented on Crying Woman Thanks President Obama for Obamacare.
@2, if you're in this state, the Washington Health Program (part of WA State's Community Health Plan) is worth a look - it's similar to Basic Health's coverage, but at somewhat higher rates (my partner and I pay about $350/month total, for decent coverage for the both of us, and that's given that we each have the usual passel of nonserious preexisting conditions). There's no income restriction on coverage. Monthly premiums generally range from about $65/mo (for a nonsmoking child) to a little over $500 (for a smoking retiree).