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May 21, 2012 JayJonson commented on Dharun Ravi Sentenced to 30 Days.
Those of you defending this utterly unfair verdict, less actually than a slap on the wrist, simply do not understand what Ravi did. He was convicted after a three-week trial in which overwhelming evidence of his guilt was presented. He invaded a person's privacy (the person who videotaped the young ESPN reporter in her hotel room--not having sex with anyone--received 30 months in prison for that offense), he was found guilty of bias intimidation, he was found guilty of destroying evidence, he was guilty of suborning another witness to lie, he was found guilty of lying to authorities. Any one of the counts on which he was convicted would have merited at least a year in prison. 30 days is an insult to the family of Tyler Clementi and to the justice system. It says that gay people have no justice in this country.
May 21, 2012 JayJonson commented on Dharun Ravi Sentenced to 30 Days.
And by the way, the Judge does not have any authority to do anything about whether this little creep is going to be deported. The Immigration and Naturalization service makes a decision on that. A New Jersey judge has no bearing on that question, though he said he would "recommend" that Ravi not be deported. I think he needs to be deported. He has lived in this country most of his life and he and his wealthy family have made no effort to become American citizens. They obviously love being Indian citizens: it probably gives them some tax advantage. In any case, Ravi is a citizen of India. He should be returned there.
May 21, 2012 JayJonson commented on Dharun Ravi Sentenced to 30 Days.
And after all the pity you expressed for him yesterday, it is a bit much now to say the Judge was too lenient. Another victory for the bullies.
May 21, 2012 JayJonson commented on Dharun Ravi Sentenced to 30 Days.
Given that Dan Savage weighed in on how unfortunate it was to blame this bully too much, the sentence isn't a problem. This is the way people who victimize gay people are treated all the time: they get away with it. Dan Savage is really disappointing here. I had looked to him as a responsible voice, someone who would stand up to bullies. Afraid I was wrong. He is about as much of a pussy as the people at GLAAD.
May 21, 2012 JayJonson commented on Confidential to Conservative Christians: Keep Doubling Down On Hate, Assholes.
Hope you are satisfied that Ravi got away with a slap on the wrist. With advocates like you, we don't need enemies.
Jan 23, 2012 JayJonson commented on Gay Marriage Hearing in the House (Live Slog).
Morse is one crazy woman.
Nov 15, 2011 JayJonson commented on On Glitter, Transphobia, and Hate Speech.
This kind of reaction comes with the territory of gaining fame and being successful as an "accidental gay leader." I would not be surprised if the glitter-bombers were not conservative plants. In any case, anyone who has read your column knows that you are not transphobic. I am sympathetic to people who are sensitive to language, but context is everything. Your original column, "Hey F-----," was in its time striking and helped to destigmatize the epithet; it would not be appropriate now. Similarly, our sensitivities toward other words have also evolved, so it isn't fair to take things out of context.
Aug 13, 2011 JayJonson commented on We're Not Going to Take It Anymore.
Thank you, Gabe!!!!
Jul 15, 2011 JayJonson commented on Marcus Bachmann, Victim.
What this shows is how conservative bigots keep playing the victim card. They really see themselves as victims. They think being called a bigot is worse than actually harming people, like denying gay people equal rights and as a NOM rally saying that gay people are "worthy of death." On playing the victim card over at GetReligion.org and FamilyScholars.org, see this article at glbtq.com: http://www.glbtq.com/sfeatures/confessio…