Apr 3, 2015 viiless commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Want a Bag of Onions? You Better Ax Somebody.
@5 This is good to know. Maybe I can start growing peppers again (and manage to get some for myself).

But let them eat the sweet peas if they're taking stuff. They're toxic. You mean snap or snow peas?
Nov 3, 2014 viiless commented on The Morning News: Serious Car Thefts Are Up 44 Percent in Seattle.
Hmm...so what sort of alternate reality Seattle do I live in. Months ago my friend's girlfriend's bike was stolen. A couple weeks ago it showed up on Craigslist. He set up a meeting with the seller (who may or may not have been the thief) in Georgetown and called the police. We ended up around the corner from the meeting place with 4 police cars and 6 officers including an undercover guy who was going to go meet the seller with us. Of course at the last minute the seller emails saying he can't make it and wants to reschedule. The undercover guy asks for all the info my friend has and my friend also gives him the fake email account he had set up to deal with the seller. Later that night the police just recovered the bike on their own.
Apr 10, 2014 viiless commented on Condoleezza Rice Named to Dropbox Board, Dropbox Users Protest.
@2 Come on, the problem isn't that Rice isn't allowed to pursue a career, the problem is that privacy is a huge issue with services like DropBox and Rice's point of view is troubling:

“As a country, we are having a great national conversation and debate about exactly how to manage privacy concerns,” Rice says about her new position. “I look forward to helping Dropbox navigate it.”

If Dropbox is going to "manage" my and my data's privacy rather than just ensure my complete privacy then I'll move on to somewhere else.
Apr 4, 2014 viiless commented on Left for Dead on Mars, an Astronaut Has to Fend for Himself.
Got this as it came out from the library, and now there's 343 holds on 65 copies? That's practically one hold per page.

Also don't be turned off by the Crichton comparison. The Martian is the opposite of Crichton's humorless, anti-science, and anti-scientist stuff.
Feb 7, 2014 viiless commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
"I'd tax all the people in my bed. No, hold on, not tax...what is the word...what is the word? Ah, right, 'welcome.'"

And, of course, "Oh shit, it's Mr. Creosote." I mean how bad could it possibly be?
Dec 4, 2013 viiless commented on Some People Just Shouldn't Be Allowed Online.
@12: yeah I understand that, but that's not how Kickstarter works, though I guess you mean that you, et al. consider that a solution, but I don't think that will work either. Will a credit card company let you place a hold on someone's account for 30 days? And, then take another 30 days (or whatever they theoretically allow) to get your refund if the project failed? That scenario would probably end my participation.

I don't know that there's a good solution. Maybe the answer is to manually or cleverly algorithmically monitor large or unusual pledges and not display them until they've been vetted.
Dec 4, 2013 viiless commented on Some People Just Shouldn't Be Allowed Online.
The problem with holding the money and then refunding is Kickstarter is going to be making thousands of refunds a month. The percentage of successful campaigns is pretty small. The cost to do that is just going to be passed on to the successful people. Any strong method of verifying that people will actually pay will just be a barrier to people participating. It may end up coming down to something like this, but I hope not.

I've been very successful using Kickstarter to collect playing card decks (and a few other things.) So far nothing like this has happened to any of those projects.
Oct 7, 2013 viiless commented on How Do You Feel About I-522 (the Initiative to Label Genetically Modified Foods)?.
People understand that (at least for a while) it seems like practically every non-organic thing will be labeled, right? Corn (corn syrup), soybeans, canola, cotton seed oil, sugar from sugar beets--they're all largely GMO and are in every processed thing to one degree or another. Plus they're pooled together, so even if farmer one doesn't use GMO canola theirs might be mixed at some processing point with farmers two through ten's product who do.
Aug 5, 2013 viiless commented on Hey Everyone: I Just Ate the Perfect Peach..
I got a CSA this year from one of the local orchards. The small share ends up being a little more than $2/pound for peaches and nectarines. But, they're all organic and about a million times better than grocery store ones. There's also plum hybrids now and apples later.

Go to the farmers' markets around and if there's a place you like get a CSA from them instead. It will be much cheaper.

Oh, and the weekly small share (6-8 pounds depending on what I pick) for one person is so much fruit everyday. Which is good I guess. I definitely haven't bought any fruit since starting.