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Jul 30 nwcitizen commented on Three Dead, One Injured, Suspect in Jail after Mukilteo Shooting.
These heinous crimes are committed mostly by males. Why is that?
Jun 3 nwcitizen commented on SPD Says Naloxone Price Spikes Won't Affect Their Life-Saving Pilot Program.
Price gouging by big Pharma. No surprise there. Another reason we need to get the profit making corporations our of our healthcare.
Jun 1 nwcitizen commented on Science News: We Are Quick to Condemn the Shooting of a Famous Animal but Do Nothing About the Climate Change That Threatens and Kills Millions Upon Millions of Animals.
The Regressives have been working overtime to prevent anything good from happening in our state and in our nation. They are getting what they want, a nation in decline and a populace so dispirited that they cannot act believing anything they do will not do any good. We know what would help on a number of fronts but are blocked at every turn by those who only want to hang onto the fortunes they have accumulated.
May 8 nwcitizen commented on Why Cliff Mass Is a Very Dangerous Weatherperson.
My problem with Cliff Mass is that if he indeed believes climate change is real then he needs to be speaking out about it. Fine for him to continue to be an honest scientist but not OK to do only that and not speak out about the other. Dr. James Hanson ( http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/ ) is an example of a climate scientist with integrity. I have my doubts about Mr. Mass.
May 4 nwcitizen commented on Privatizing the Clearing of Homeless Encampments.
Regardless of how the contract for this work was let, I find it disgusting to treat people this way.

Ironically, the Mayor's declaration of an emergency could preclude the need for competitive bidding.

I understand the Mayor considers the founder of the Catholic Worker movement, Dorothy Day, to be his inspiration. This seems odd when one considers she is famous for saying "Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy rotten system."

Apr 20 nwcitizen commented on Starbucks Baristas Are at Risk of Being Poked by Dirty Needles.
Yes, training their employees for how to safely dispose of hypodermic needles and providing sharps containers in the bathrooms is a minimum that Starbucks should do. I think the company's response that to do so would hurt its public image is despicable.

SPD offers training in safe pickup and disposal of needles. Sharps containers can be purchased from any drug store. The Fire Department will dispose of sharps containers at no cost. There is no excuse for Starbucks not to be more responsible to the public and to their employees.
Apr 16 nwcitizen commented on KEXP’s New Home Grand Opening Unveils Spacious, High-Tech Splendor.
Just curious why, given the high tech nature of the equipment at the station, their on demand audio archive still doesn't work? This has been going on for MONTHS!
Apr 9 nwcitizen commented on How the City of Seattle Trashes Homeless People's Belongings and Chases Them Around Town.
@9 Would you care to be specific about which parts of what @8 says are true and which are not? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks.
Mar 31 nwcitizen commented on City Calls Nonprofit's Closure of 15 Homeless Shelters an Unnecessary "Advocacy Move".
Seems to me the solution to all this finger pointing is simple. SHARE's costs are $5.50 per person per night. The City could just hire another shelter provider to take over the 15 SHARE shelters and pay the provider the $24 to $90 per person per night that it would cost. Problem solved.
Feb 26 nwcitizen commented on State Senators Want to Spend $1 Million to "Clean Up" and Build a Fence Around the Jungle.
I agree with @5, it's a stupid idea. I think Senator Carlyle has been spending too much time in the toxic sludge that is the Republican controlled State Senate. No, wait, he only just got there.

Well, at least he wants the City to offer the estimated 400 people (non-existent) services first before displacing them. As @2 says, that will work to find them homes. Geez.