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Apr 25 nwcitizen commented on Plans for New Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter Delayed to Address Concerns from Little Saigon Community.
"...a member of FLS, told The Stranger that the group isn't anti-homeless..."
What that usually means is "we just don't want them here".
Apr 24 nwcitizen commented on Seattle City Council Could Vote on Resolution Supporting City Income Tax Next Monday.
Something needs to be done to make our tax system more progressive and fair. Kudos to the coalition that got this on the radar here in Seattle. Thanks to the council members who support the idea and want to move forward with the debate that must precede any action on the part of the Council.

It's clear the state legislature as currently constituted will not move on creating a more fair tax system. So, please Seattle, let's get a test case before the Court so we can find out if this is even feasible under the law as it exists here in Washington.
Apr 6 nwcitizen commented on We Asked Seattle Politicians to Respond to Activist Omari Tahir-Garrett's Anti-Semitic and Anti-Asian Remarks.
Ever since he physically assaulted Mayor Schell, I've thought Mr. Tahir-Garrett was 'unhinged'. His most recent comments only serve to confirm that suspicion.

Sadly, it appears he is also a racist.
Feb 5 nwcitizen commented on Seattle Times Layoffs and Buyouts Hit Young and Veteran Staffers; Here's Who's Leaving.
@5 Ms. Vel-DuRay, I'm with you. The Seattle Times editorial page sucks. If that were to change then I think they would get a lot more subscribers.
Jan 7 nwcitizen commented on It's Official: Trump Voters Were Duped by Putin.
"I don't see how Russian-peddled bullshit would sway voters more than GOP-peddled bullshit already does. " Good point @22.
Jan 1 nwcitizen commented on Man Launches GoFundMe to Guard Betty White Against 2016's Scythe.
A little theater that could use our support is "West of Lenin".

I for one hope Betty White stays with us a good long time. She's treasure.
Oct 23, 2016 nwcitizen commented on Mayor Ed Murray Promises More City-Supervised Homeless Encampments.
The managed encampments I am familiar with do allow pets. However, some do draw the line at pitt bulls because they are perceived to be more dangerous.
Sep 21, 2016 nwcitizen commented on Watch Senator Elizabeth Warren's Splendid Takedown of "Gutless" Wells Fargo Executive.
This is the kind of oversight that we've needed all along. Now, if only, Congress were populated with people with intelligence and principles such as Senator Warren has, more Wall Street executives would be minding their Ps and Qs and some would be in jail.
Sep 4, 2016 nwcitizen commented on SHARE to Reopen Indoor Homeless Shelters After Five-Month Closure.
"the Low Income Housing Institute will provide SHARE residents with volunteer caseworkers through 2017"

Looks like the City will be getting for free what it should be paying for. Not fair Seattle!
Jul 30, 2016 nwcitizen commented on Three Dead, One Injured, Suspect in Jail after Mukilteo Shooting.
These heinous crimes are committed mostly by males. Why is that?