Jun 10, 2014 Lexy commented on Savage Love.
Oh and Dan, wrt SIM, they smell like crème brûlée.
Jun 10, 2014 Lexy commented on Savage Love.
I was totally one of the ones mumbling DTMFA to HELP.
May 27, 2014 Lexy commented on Savage Love.
Tee hee. "Peg you for an ingrate."
May 6, 2014 Lexy commented on Savage Love.
@12 trans here calling bull puckey: "cis" developed originally by a queer theorist to reposition "non-trans" as another non-presumptive "other", counterpart to trans.

Sigusch, V. (1998). The neosexual revolution. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 27(4):332–359.

Also: there's not such thing as a "natal" woman: people are born infants, regardless of sex and gender. woman take a few years longer... regardless of sex or gender.
Nov 12, 2013 Lexy commented on Savage Love.
Hey NFO and Savage! I am a pretty genderpunk, performative post-op male to female transsexual. I second Dan's point about freedom, but, in the interest of compassion for NFO's acquaintance want to say that decades ago, when I began my transition, I was considerably less, uh, gender flexible, and in fact found male-to-female transgender folks who weren't "doing what I was doing" to be a bit threatening to my own self-conception of gender. I did get over my discomforts (bigoty?) towards other gender variant flavors than my own once I started kicking it with drag queens, fetishistic cross-dressers and gender fucks. I wonder if the reaction of NFO's acquaintance has more to do with where she's at in her own journey, than with the wrongness of straight male drag?

Also: I personally wouldn't call someone who does drag, even in a burlesque context, entirely cisgender: flexible in the definitions.
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You seem to have substituted "porn.com" for "makelovenotporn.com".

tee hee.
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Dear Dan,

Do, like, 12 seconds of research before spouting misinformation:

Health insurance covered my bottom surgery in the US 100% (I was working at UC Berkeley at the time, and they had specifically negotiated this with two of the insurance plans they offer). Transgender employees of the City and County of San Francisco have surgery covered. UCSF students have up to $10K of surgery covered.


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"(Female ejaculation is similarly a myth: human females do not have a gland with which to produce ejaculate.)"

Clearly you have never had (or been) a lover who has female ejaculated: it is *quite* real. (and delightful :).
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On further reflection, I retract my claim about it's being a quote from Hothead Paisan, I think I may be mixing up memories of lovely 90s queer t-shirt art.