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Dec 4, 2012 AnitaGoodmann commented on Can Straight Guys Do Drag?.
As a person who clearly does drag at a recognized level, who happens to prefer females as life and dating partners regardless of the clothes I wear (or she wears) I say we all can do what we please, Is if offensive? Well that has a lot to do with the message. I think that as we are seeing more people expressing gender challenging presentations that mix and match. Orientation IS a factor to some, because the label of Drag Queen is closely tied to the early gay rights movement. Gender identity and sexual orientation are separate components of a person's nature.
There is a culture related to drag in the gay community that straight men rarely participate in, and you could argue that to do drag and not be gay makes you a crossdresser, or "t-gurl" or any number of ill defined labels. If your definition of drag queen is anyone who walks the world as a Queen while Dressed As A Girl (drag) then anyone can do it. If your definition includes a requirement of being gay, maybe not. I think it is interesting to even have this conversation myself, and to avoid the baggage many people care about those of us who walk in both types of shoes, I prefer "manwomanwomanman." Your Mileage May Vary. :)
May 22, 2012 AnitaGoodmann commented on Tuesday: Go Watch Hilarious Comedians Mock Terrified Cheerleaders.
May 22, 2012 AnitaGoodmann commented on Tuesday: Go Watch Hilarious Comedians Mock Terrified Cheerleaders.
I am going to exploit my tits there, too.
Nov 30, 2011 AnitaGoodmann commented on The U-Men At The Post-Mortemists Ball.
Oh wow - yes 1985 latest.
Jul 14, 2011 AnitaGoodmann commented on Can Someone Help Me Answer This Stupid Kid's Stupid Question?.
The answer, King County, is self-hate. Self Hate.
May 11, 2011 AnitaGoodmann commented on So a Clown, a Rapper, and a DJ Walk Into The Stranger....
They are unholy. And I want my hair and nails back!
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Jun 4, 2010 AnitaGoodmann commented on The Final Get Loweded Is Tomorrow Night.
It was one of the only places I have ever witnessed scenesters eat their own poo and french kiss "outsiders" in the name of performance art. Wait, that could have been any night at any venue in this town. We all gave each other the clap, too.