Jan 12, 2016 deepeyes commented on Guns Do Not Make Us Safer.
@14, or much more likely, it can kill you or any member of your family. That would make you less safe.
Jan 4, 2016 deepeyes commented on As a Former Jehovah's Witness, I Seethed with Jealousy at The Book of Mormon.
It makes me laugh - we as young Mormons would talk about how f-ed up the "jay-dubs" were. Nutso pot, meet looney-tunes kettle.
Jan 4, 2016 deepeyes commented on Seahawks Destroy the Cardinals Because They're the Best Football Team.
Spike, I really look forward to your analysis. Today was scintillating.
Dec 22, 2015 deepeyes commented on Why I Am Probably Going to Send the Drunk Driver Who Killed My Parents a Christmas Card.
Beautiful and heart-wrenching. I don't often use this word, but "amen".
Dec 9, 2015 deepeyes commented on When a Mass Killer Is a White Christian, He's a Lone Lunatic, but When He's Muslim, He Represents All Muslims.
@4, although I can't speak for anyone else, when I first hear of a mass shooting I kinda hope it's a white christian male too. Know why? Because if it is, that's as far as the violence will go. No one will express their anger and fear by attacking or shouting slurs at other white males or go vandalize or burn an christian church. Anti-white guy prejudice hurts their feelings. Anti-Muslim prejudice kills.
Dec 6, 2015 deepeyes commented on Antifascist Groups Are Organizing a Protest Against the Alleged White Power Rally in Ballard and Capitol Hill.
@36, pretty sure the anti-fascists showing up would defend to the death the skinheads' right to assemble in public. Anti-protest does not equal censorship.
Dec 2, 2015 deepeyes commented on How Listening to Music and Fighting with Susan Sontag Helped Me Cope with Chemo.
Just amazing. Thank you so much for this.
Nov 23, 2015 deepeyes commented on The Walking Dead Recap: Use the Stairway, Dummy!.
The stairway was there, but it was too far from the dumpster to get to. Unless Glen managed to do some zombie crowd-surfing, he couldn't have made it.

@1, yes. But oddly enough, "Walking Dead" isn't really about zombies, it's about people in a desperate situation. You can pretend it's an epidemic of bears, if you like.
Nov 20, 2015 deepeyes commented on Cat Ladies of Seattle, Unite!.
Ok, how can you have a cat lady with only one cat? Although some kitties are not good sharers of space and food and people, most cats are best in bunches! Let's get out there and adopt, women!
Oct 27, 2015 deepeyes commented on TV Review Roundup: Supergirl Debuts Tonight!.
@4, women in Hollywood have to pick their battles wisely. Compared to many of the things they get called, 'girl' is just annoying.