Nov 23 deepeyes commented on The Walking Dead Recap: Use the Stairway, Dummy!.
The stairway was there, but it was too far from the dumpster to get to. Unless Glen managed to do some zombie crowd-surfing, he couldn't have made it.

@1, yes. But oddly enough, "Walking Dead" isn't really about zombies, it's about people in a desperate situation. You can pretend it's an epidemic of bears, if you like.
Nov 20 deepeyes commented on Cat Ladies of Seattle, Unite!.
Ok, how can you have a cat lady with only one cat? Although some kitties are not good sharers of space and food and people, most cats are best in bunches! Let's get out there and adopt, women!
Oct 27 deepeyes commented on TV Review Roundup: Supergirl Debuts Tonight!.
@4, women in Hollywood have to pick their battles wisely. Compared to many of the things they get called, 'girl' is just annoying.
Oct 26 deepeyes commented on The Walking Dead Recap: Someone Died… or Did or Didn't They?!?.
I have to agree, Glenn needs to be dead. I sure as hell don't WANT him to be dead, but that was an inescapable situation. If he miraculously reappears, I'm gonna go all Kathy Bates in Misery on that bullshit.
Oct 23 deepeyes commented on Look Into These Eyes! Is There a Term For This?.
I believe the medical term is "fucking creepy".
Oct 21 deepeyes commented on AP Stylebook Loses the Respect of the World—OKAY??.
They can take my 'AY', but they'll never take my Oxford comma!
Oct 19 deepeyes commented on Walking Dead Recap: "Who's Honkin' That Horn?!?".
The walker virus is airborne - everyone has it, so anyone who dies will be up and snarfing intestines within minutes of death. So be sure to stab your dead friend through the eye right away!

Watching Carol in the sweaters has been funny as hell. Her threat to the little pain-in-the-ass cookie boy was the best thing I've seen in weeks.
Oct 9 deepeyes commented on Seattle Police Chief: Officer Who Pepper Sprayed Jesse Hagopian Is "Stellar," Was "Let Down" by Commanders.
"Mistakes were made" is a phrase that should be punishable by excruciating death.
Sep 28 deepeyes commented on Bam Bam Kam and Jam Jam Graham Back as Seahawks Peck Bears to Death.
Can I just say thank you, Spike? I love watching the Seahawks, but there's a lot that I don't understand about the game. You've made learning more about football painless and fun, which is a phrase I was certain I'd never say in my life.
Sep 15 deepeyes commented on Like Violence? New South Park Trailer Is All Kinds of That.
I'd like to see channels offer the option of receiving a moderate electrical shock rather than watching a particularly aggravating commercial 12 times in a half-hour. Not sure how the business model would work, though...