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Feb 3, 2016 izzy commented on Three Things Seattle Is Doing About Homelessness.
The city needs have police actively respond to small crime calls - bike thefts, car break-ins, snatch & grabs, etc. - as they happen, and follow-up. This lack of follow-up has led to rumors from Fremont to Ballard (noted for slow 911 response times) that "those people in RV's" committed the crimes.

I've lived in that area for over ten years, as the amount of RV's has gone DOWN, not up (and now that your friends can't park overnight, are you happy?) My housing complex has rich people who complain that the homeless are stealing their stuff - yet every time, EVERY time, that someone is "caught in the act" by a witness or a camera (never by 911), the crime was perpetrated by affluently-dressed people in luxury cars & high-end bikes cruising the neighborhood. EVERY time. Seattleites need to put their heads on straight and realize: If you tended to break into places and steal stuff, you would have plenty of dough, enough so that you wouldn't have to live in a broken-down "unsightly" vehicle that risks being towed away...

In fact there used to be less crime when it was OK for homeless people to live in their cars here, because there was enough of them to stop a burglar, keep an eye on things & talk to us, even 911. Now the people who can't afford to drive away are terrified of crime (yes, unbelievably, they get burgled too) and afraid of calling 911 when it happens, for fear of ending up on the sidewalk in January.

Remember the recession? Anybody?? The near-collapse of capitalism as the Fed called it?? A lot of hardworking Americans lost everything, after following the rules their whole lives. Most of the homeless around here are good people, and to presume people are criminals because they can't afford a $1K apartment, and to demand that people not exist because they are "unsightly" is evil.

Most Seattle voters moved to the city to meet people from all walks of life, not to live in a pristine cul-de-sac controlled by homeowner-association rules. I am boycotting any business who calls for homeless sweeps! Any business who blames their failure on imaginary "scared customers" who never appeared -doesn't deserve to have their economic delusions propped up. Ditto for complaining "homeowners" who have nothing better to do (don't THEY have a job?) -they're concerned with how much they can inflate their home value to escape their underwater mortgage.
Nov 16, 2015 izzy commented on Why I Won't Write a Review of Suffragette.
Women make up half the population, yet many movies never include women. Directors like to imagine that women never have to kill food, never end up in war zones, never have to earn a living, never engage in a philosophical discussion... which is obviously bullshit. Women were always there, and not just in the hero's bed. (For one thing, every hero has a mother!)
People of color make up the majority of the audience (domestically & internationally). So if you want your movie to be seen by more than a few people, then it's worth your while to ask, "Weren't there people of color present? If not, where were they, and what were they busy doing?" For example, even Costner's crap "Robin Hood" realized that a white medieval Crusader had a high probability of meeting a person of color from North Africa, and they smartly used that to demonstrate the higher civilization of that continent, and to pull in a wider audience.
If that sounds belabored, consider all the movies about Mandela and MLK that invented mamby-pamby white characters to be "the main character", rather than use the rich exciting material provided by the actual experiences of civil-rights heroes. "Biko", "The Help", "Mississippi Burning"... the list goes on & on.
Why keep donating your pay to see half-assed scripts with white men who outrun bullets, nagging bimbo girlfriends and black comedians who are the first to die? It's no wonder that people don't pay to watch such crap anymore, and it's not because we'd watch it for free either. I don't want to watch a stupid movie, but I also don't want to watch an incomplete film that purports to depict "actual events".
Nov 16, 2015 izzy commented on Why I Won't Write a Review of Suffragette.
I'm glad she brought up this issue. Because of this (non)review, I looked up British history and found that yes, they DID prominently include women of color - and that American suffragettes, despite working with Frederick Douglass early on, were very disenchanted that poor black men were given the right to vote long before white ladies like themselves. Later, American suffragettes deliberately excluded black suffragettes, deciding they should be separate groups. Meanwhile in Britain, SOME upperclass women got the vote - only if they personally had property (rather than their husbands). So English working women like the "sympathetic composite character" were shunted aside and didn't get the vote until eight years after all U.S. women did. I wonder if they included that "inspiring" moment in the movie?

Oct 14, 2015 izzy commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2015 General Election! (Plus Cheat Sheet!).
OK, probably no one on the staff is reading this, but I have to ask:
At one point, you state that a current candidate for City Council has received campaign contributions from a current member of City Council - the chairman of City Council, no less.

Is that even legal?? If so, how? Do Queen Anne council members purchase the Sodo council seat for the friend they'd prefer to have luncheon with?!
Jul 23, 2015 izzy commented on The Seconds Leading Up to the Beginning of the End of Sandra Bland's Life.
The first car - whose driver had no proof of insurance!- then pulls back out into traffic without signaling, almost cuts off another driver, and makes a left turn from the far-right lane - in full view of the officer! Four offenses in addition to speeding, but no ticket. Understandably the student is frazzled by her encounter, but so was Bland, who was Tasered for her single offense.
Also notable is that the officer walked casually up to the LEFT side of the student's car, and stood well back - but he strode up to the RIGHT side of Bland's car - touching something on his belt (radio?Taser?gun?) and then inspected something on the bumper (tailight? out-of-state plate?) before immediately leaning INTO the passenger window. Kind of an odd place for a cop to stand, especially one who said he thought it was a dangerous situation.
Jul 15, 2015 izzy commented on Nine Questions for Sandi Doughton, Author of Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.
Everything in Seattle west of I-5 is built on landfill - meaning, the Seattle waterline was originally at I-5, and I-5 was built along that line of slightly more stable ground. This is another reason why downtown Seattle will be "toast". Being built on swampland, it has a very good chance of liquifying and becoming something like quicksand.

Everything south of the Seattle Fault (the east-to-west line through downtown Seattle) has lowered with each quake along it, while everything north of it has risen. So after a quake,south Seattle has more of a chance of being flooded as it will suddenly be further below sea level. But the amount that south Seattle will subside is dwarfed by the amount that north Seattle will rise. I'm not sure I'd like to be standing on Alki Point when it suddenly rebounds upwards by 10+ feet.

Of course, it's most probable we will either be asleep in our beds or at work downtown...
Jul 15, 2015 izzy commented on If We Had $40 Million From the Feds, We Could Build That Cascadia Earthquake Early Warning System in Just a Few Years.
I'd love to see a public competition to come up with low-cost sensors connected to social networking - something that schools could install across the state. Outsource it to Google, Facebook, and students, encourage American know-how and entrepeneurial competition. What's not to like?

(Anyone who thinks we don't need this might want to move to another planet.)

Jul 15, 2015 izzy commented on Here's a Diptych Called "At the Grocery Store One Day After the New Yorker Earthquake Article Hit".
Get an empty 5-gallon jug (or better, a rain barrel), put it outside. Use it to water once a month. When our drought strikes (as it has) ,or when your plumbing breaks, or you set something on fire with flaming marshmallows, you'll have one square foot of extra water.
Get a square empty juice bottle. Put it in your freezer. It'll keep the temperature even, and next time we have an outage or SPU has a payment glitch, your food wont melt instantly. And if you need water, that's a bottle of water you won't have to purify before drinking.
Get a bottle of distilled water. Put it in your trunk. Next time your radiator overheats, or you need to clean your hands,or the kids make a mess, you have a gallon of water. And if you get stranded, you can drink it.
Get a steel water bottle. Fill it. Drink it on an unusual 90-degree day in Seattle. Refill & repeat.

There. Four handy convenient places you might have a little extra water in case any number of minor inconveniences hit, and you didn't even require an apocalypse to use it. Yes, purify before drinking, but you will want water for other things as well - even if you're just getting out of town after the shit hits the fan. (Because if the shit hits the fan,it will hit the lake as well.)

Jul 14, 2015 izzy commented on The Five Scariest Takeaways From the New Yorker Article About the Earthquake That Will "Devastate" Seattle.
If we have any death-defying event I expect all you Dan Savage readers better be prepared now - because If only Spokane rednecks repopulate the earth, life will not be worth living. Stock up on booze, picnic food, and candles so we can all have great blackout parties!
Jul 14, 2015 izzy commented on The Five Scariest Takeaways From the New Yorker Article About the Earthquake That Will "Devastate" Seattle.
#20 - the tsunami was already predicted to affect Seattle as far back as 2007, even before we saw that the waves in Japan in 2011 were channeled high up into the mountains. Geologists and native stories indicate the same kind of flow happened here.

NOAA video - tsunami inundation of Seattle:…

Discover magazine article:…

Keep water and some camping supplies in your car. Keep water in your freezer and pb&j in the pantry. If the world doesn't end, at least you can go camping and have some lunch.