Feb 12, 2014 jhops commented on And Now Kentucky....
I'm surprised no one has pointed out to the Good Traditional Family Types that "KY Marriage" has another, funnier interpretation.
Jan 30, 2014 jhops commented on WORST THING EVER: Elliott Smith Goes EDM.
Anyone else see Jeremy Renner in that photo?
Jan 14, 2014 jhops commented on One Million Moms Endorses a Bigoted Version of the Boy Scouts.
The best (only good) thing about 1MM is that their emails are totally customize-able. They send you "suggested text" that you can edit to your heart's delight. I highly recommend signing up for their email list, just to fuck with their text & send it along to their targets. (When they protested the Kinky Boots float in the Macy's Day Parade, I congratulated everyone involved for a show that sounded rather fabulous.) It's 90 seconds of my time I'm happy to waste.
Jan 6, 2014 jhops commented on She Didn't See It Coming.
My husband made me watch this yesterday "because it's so funny." Thank you all, especially @18, for confirming my creeped-out reaction.
Nov 25, 2013 jhops commented on Excuse Me, Sir, Could You Give Me a Hand With My Luggage?.
Dammit, @6 got there first!. But still:

"Paging a Rent Boy to lift some luggage at Carousel 2. Will the nearest Rent Boy please pick up a white courtesy phone?"
Nov 20, 2013 jhops commented on SL Letter of the Day: Help Me, Google Translate, You're My Only Hope!.
Google Translate did an amazing job with the translation. The LW with his pronouns, not so much. Caspita!
Nov 13, 2013 jhops commented on "80 Percent of Rapists with Anger Problems Come From Fatherless Homes!".
"Rapists with anger problems" implies that there are rapists withOUT anger problems, too? Word salad FTW!
Nov 13, 2013 jhops commented on Here's What David Sedaris Has Been Reading.
"Nothing to Envy" is a great book about the horribly sad situation for North Korea's citizens. Two other books about different experiences there are Laura Ling's "Somewhere Inside", and "Escape from Camp 14" by Blaine Harden.
Nov 7, 2013 jhops commented on SL Letter of the Day: Adventure Dad!.
I just had a kid, and this piece makes me so incredibly happy. Things like this & "The Kid" are my parenting lode stars.
Oct 7, 2013 jhops commented on Morning News: Prizes, Chills, and Gridlocked Government.
NPR recently did a story on the North Korean ski resort, and it focused on the novelty of it all. "Would you ski North Korea?" "Well, it would certainly be unusual!"

While they were falling over backwards to portray the story as wacky & amusing, I kept waiting for someone to point out how the gulags down the road might have a negative effect on tourism. Because NK grants so many tourist visas, and is so easily accessible to outsiders.

Also, what Fnarf said.