Mar 28, 2014 Cletus commented on I, Anonymous.
Should have told him the Jerk Store called and they were out of him.
Feb 26, 2014 Cletus commented on I, Anonymous.
Apparently, the proper thing to do is when things are getting heavy is to stop and ask permission before rounding for another base.

Stopping when told to stop just isn't enough anymore.
Feb 19, 2014 Cletus commented on I, Anonymous.
If his playing and singing was as bad as your attempt to be clever with your writing it must have been unbearable. The Joni Mitchell thing leading to the Partridge Family thing was torture. But much like he probably thought he was talented and creative you too probably thought you'd woven a masterpiece.
Jan 17, 2014 Cletus commented on Bad Cop Gets "Punished" with Day Off.
The cop was unprofessional. To be in that position you must be able to properly deal with whiny little douchebags who get in your face, whether it be some myopic alternative newspaper reporter prattling on about his rights while you're trying to do your job, or some crazy-ass soccer mom challenging a citation because she "pays your salary."

So learn this lesson, Mr. Policeman.
Jan 8, 2014 Cletus commented on I, Anonymous.
Grabbing your ass was way wrong but what's this business about standing on a chair? It's obviously inconsiderate to anyone behind you and even though you say you were at the back, there was obviously someone behind you. It's also a liability issue for the place. Some drunk standing on a chair who falls and gets hurt is a nightmare for a business owner.
Dec 26, 2013 Cletus commented on Good Grief and Great Tits.
Here I was offering up my "Dan is acting like a douche again, serving up the same kind of hate he says he hates so much" when in pops the right-wing brigade, through some link I suppose.

I was looking forward to being pilloried by Dan's fawning faithful but got swallowed by the masses. Damn.
Dec 20, 2013 Cletus commented on Good Grief and Great Tits.
Very few people give a fuck about Sarah Palin or anything she has to say about anything.

But it's nice she was able to give ol' Dan an opportunity to work up some mocking hate during this season of hate.
Dec 4, 2013 Cletus commented on I, Anonymous.
I like it when service workers suck up to me. Asking about my day, asking if I found everything OK, calling me hon sometimes and wishing me a good day as I depart.

I don't care if they're sincere. It's just nice.
Oct 31, 2013 Cletus commented on I, Anonymous.
That was a major tease. Where exactly can I get this [product] for [such a low price]? I'm completely out of [product].
Oct 10, 2013 Cletus commented on Cops Gone Wild!.
Him saying he was going to come harass you at your workplace isn't really a threat but an attempt to make a point. If you honestly thought he was going to walk into the office at The Stranger (actual private property) and harass you, then you would have a right to feel threatened.

But you knew that wasn't going to happen. It would be Stranger-brand journalism gold if it did but no way, no how. So, you come off as whiny and overly dramatic when you say it was a "direct, unambiguous, and repeated threat from an armed man."

Cops can be real dicks but this is rather ho-hum.