Jan 14, 2013 revjon commented on Prosecutor Rightly Blamed for Death of Aaron Swartz.
You can't place the blame for someone's suicide at the feet of someone else. There are millions of people facing prosecution in this country for crimes they may or may not have committed, and they don't commit suicide as a result. There were clearly mitigating factors.
Apr 17, 2012 revjon commented on Speaking of Fuck.
I watched the episode that took place at Ohio, and I was pretty disappointed. I think that @12 "nanoboy" has a point with the editing, but I felt like the show is super-duper sanitized compared to the column and podcast. There wasn't a single gay person included, Dan's lady sidekick made no sense to me, and I just didn't care about the boring problems of the boring people shown. It reminded me a little of the neutered gay man here to help the straights with their problems trope that Dan himself has been good at calling out in the past.
Jun 27, 2011 revjon commented on Judge Okays New Prostitution Zone in Seattle Center/Westlake Area.
It reads like you're addressing the posts to attention whores.
Jun 14, 2011 revjon commented on Rick Santorum Thinks Abortion Should Be Safe and Legal—But Only When His Wife Needs One.
If you read the New Yorker article this article references, the Santorums did not, in fact, have an abortion, she gave birth to the baby who then died. In the article, Rick is quoted as saying that in the vast majority of cases where the mother's life is in danger, that chemically-induced labor is preferable to abortion.

As for taking the baby home, while it seems creepy, I understand the need to mourn a lost child. The same thing happened to a cousin and they had a funeral as well.
Mar 9, 2011 revjon commented on Tipping the Maid.
Of course you would think that no one else does the amazing things you do.
Mar 1, 2011 revjon commented on She Wuz Robbed.
You stupid turd, put a spoiler alert on it. I HATE YOU.
Aug 10, 2010 revjon commented on Reading Tonight: Overfishing, Overwarring, and Cartooning.
Secret Acres is from NYC, not Portland.
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Jun 10, 2010 revjon commented on Headline of the Day?.
How is he connected to the baby!?!?! It never says! Is he just a volunteer diaper changer?
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