Nov 7, 2015 GG1000 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Not a Rescue.
Dude, trust me, your life will be a better place if you follow a simple rule: don't sleep with people with major mental/emotional health issues. Women attracted to abusers have huge issues. Stop sleeping with this girl. Be her friend and tell her you'll help her extract herself but don't be physically involved with her unless she's away from this guy and is doing counseling. And yes, get yourself an answer to Dan's question - how in the heck did that guy get your phone number?
Jun 24, 2015 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Yo, letter 3, your "boyfriend" is not your boyfriend - he's seeing someone else. Even if the first two bs weekend excuses were true, it doesn't take an entire weekend to retrieve a laptop.

Call him on it. Tell him that he should have the courage to directly end relationships, not just be rude and fade away in the hopes the other person will get the message.
Jun 24, 2015 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Wow there's so much crazy in that first letter that it's hard to pick any particular item, but I've always had an eye for oddity...why is a virgin who isn't planning to have sex taking oral contraceptives?
May 16, 2015 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Look if your time's precious to you and you're not into trans women then put "not into trans women" in your profile. You might as well save both them and you the time and effort to meet up when you know nothing will come of it. Yes, some people might not like that, but so what? People set dating conditions in online profiles all the time.
May 16, 2015 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Dan, was it really necessary to suggest to the poor guy that his wife might not be attracted to him? I know it can be hard for men to understand but women are often not visually wired sexually and they it easier to concentrate and reach climax if they shut down the visual input. Not because they don't find the sight of their partner arousing but because they find any visuals distracting at that time.
May 9, 2015 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Meh, I think the former teacher thing is a red herring. While I understand while you're grossed out at the thought he was perving on you when you were 15 and had what sounds like an innocent crush on him, the issue is that you've made it clear to him now that you're not interested in him and he's still sending you dik pix and making advances. Have you clearly said to him, "I'm not interested in you, will never be interested in you, don't welcome any further advances and will consider any further pictures of your junk indecent exposure and report you (I don't know who to, but it sounds like a threat!)"? If not, I'd try that, and if he keeps it up, threaten to go to his employer.

Yo, any straight dudes reading this, when a woman says "I have a boyfriend" it means she's not interested in you. She may not even have's a classic way to let a guy down easy. Leave her TF alone after that.
Aug 13, 2014 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Letter 1, somebody help, what's he talking about? I don't want to google it on this computer.

PS, I got the standard issue "it's not you; it's me, I'm not ready for a commitment" dumping BS at the end just fine.
Jul 22, 2014 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Dude, you're the shallow one, as you see "contribute" only in terms of attracting sexual attention. Write a book, learn a new language, travel to Tibet and produce a photo essay, volunteer for something, get a PADI cert for diving, plant a garden and share the produce, learn to play a musical things to think of yourself in terms of your humanity, not your sexuality.
Jun 9, 2014 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
Since you're not trying to get pregnant with the 26 year old, it's not really your problem. If you'd like to have a good relationship with him, quit mommying him (like worrying about his little problem and how it might affect his future). If and only if it is causing problems in your sex life should you discuss it with him. He's not a DIY project.
May 7, 2014 GG1000 commented on Savage Love.
BBB, I wouldn't take her up on it because I suspect she may be planning some really unpleasant humiliation for you 'cause she's stuck working with your douchey ass and is sick to death of you. It's actually a bit of an achievement to manage to come across as such a twit in so few sentences.